The Rain Witch

- Intercepted encrypted voice communication -
- Attempting decryption… failed -
- Changing algrotihm… ready -
- Attempting decryption… failed -
- Changing algrotihm… ready -
- Attempting decryption… succesful -
- Playing back recorded message… -

Female voice: “How are your parameters?”
Male monotone voice: “Parameters seem nominal. Ready to power up the rain witch.”
Female voice: “Alright… stabilize position and prepare for power up.”
Male monotone voice: “Roger Wilco. Stabilizing and powering down all sub systems.”
Female voice: " Cav… you still have a slight drift. Can you correct?"
Male monotone voice: “Negative… sub systems powered down. Ready to power up the launcher.”
Female voice: sighs “We will make do. Power up. We are still inside the parameters.”
Male monotone voice: “Roger. Powering up… power successfully routed to the launcher. Tube preheated. Ready to fire the eel.”
Female voice: “Roger… get ready to fire the Scaloian on my command… I need to adjust for your drift… fire in…3…2…1…Fire!”
Male monotone voice: “Torpedo fired… how is the data?”
Female voice: “I can see it leaving the tube… it vanished, as expected… and we have a new contact in 93.47 Kilometers… all inside expected parameters. Check telemetry data.”
Male monotone voice: "Roger. Telemetry looks good. Contact confirmed on 93.47 Kilometers. We have the expected target beat on 158.32 Kilometers.
Am I a go to fire tube 2?
Female voice: “Negative… your drift is too impactful. We won’t get a reliable result or a hit… we made progress, though. We should wrap it up for today.”
Male monotone voice: “Understood. Whatever you say, sis. Proceeding to scoop up the payload and coming home.”

- Playback ended -


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