The RAINBOW module

Reposted from old forums to “currentize” the disscussion.

excuse me for the clickbait, as that’s all it was, now…

The Archwald Aura Field Generator

Show info would say: Damon Archwald was apart of the group to develop the cloaking device. After the Covert ops Cloaking device was declassified to capsuleers, he finally was able to go about taking the only thing he really wanted from the project: a failed prototype that due to poor circuitry calibration, would envelop the test subject in a glow of many colors. after using the device for entertainment purposes he felt he should share this development with with the galaxy for ship use, and created a fittable module for use on ships.

Actual description: the modules’s sole purpose is to emit an “aura” around the fitted ship, that looks along the lines of this building in this gif .To expand upon that certain ship SKINs can effect the color scheme of the lights, and boy do i have a good idea if that’s possible (want to keep it a secret, just in case CCP would want to implement it’s aesthetics exactly)

Types of utility we could add include:

Redirecting fire to you: now obviously this couldn’t be applied to a pvp aspect, right? i mean, if these balanced jokes write themselves rhiload will be out of a job. redirecting drone fire that if anyone isn’t in full control of their drones sounds doable, but the real application would have to be Ratting, because let’s insult the intelligence of our good friends the rats by distracting them with pretty colors. this of course, would outlined like this:

All pirate faction dessies and below, except for sansha, which we’ll include cruiser maybe Battlecruiser rats because if anyone took a look at the lore knows they’re an implant removal away from committing suicide, a dark reference, but a detail to not miss.

Rogue drones are optional and would have to coincide with whether or not they redirect fire of player controlled drones

Optional if sleeper rats are effected, but since they are supposed to be the most intelligent it should only effect patroller frigates.

Another idea to give this module some use would be a small signature radius reduction as i’d assume it’d be hard to get a direct hit on a floating light show.

Questions? need me to elaborate? I got notifications on.

What the hell are you babbling on about?

Are you suggesting, in a mass of garbled text, a module that draws npc fire from light ships towards the user?

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the tldr is making a module that makes your ship glow similarly to the gif linked in the original. any extra effects like “taunting” (that was what someone commented on this post when put on the old forums) are optional.

i’ll add the discussion that unfolded here when this idea was presented to the old forums:

User: Rovinia
So acutaly an PvE AE-Taunt / Sig Radius reduction module? Do we really need that?

It sounds a bit like you had a idea about an effect that you want to see ingame and now desperatly look for a purpose to it. That’s usually not the best approach for gamedesigns :wink:

User: Nevyn Auscent
If it’s a festival launcher smart bomb, then it doesn’t need any actual effects. Just the lights will get it used. People even fly roams with festival launchers sometimes just for LoLs. People would use this just for the lights too.

My rebuttal to both of these:
i did shoehorn effects on to create more interest in it, so yea, rovinia called me out on the obvious. but like nevyn said, people would use this module of it existed because pretty colors. i thought it’d be cool as hell to look like a cruiseliner with an active rave.

If there where a “taunting” effect, then I imagine it could be actually useful for Incursions.
Could it be abused? Probably.

About the rainbow effect…

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and this is needed…why?

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Features & ideas is at an all time low right now.

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You have the power to change it!

Fair point. My idea is never to speak of rainbow modules again. I think this new addition will streamline the development workflow and help refocus team direction on a positive vector.

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wow, someone asking for a rainbow module in EVE ONLINE…

‘Rainbow’ module instant reprocess no exceptions.