The real reasons player population is declining

Can i have your stuff?

FOBs are visible on Dscan. Do you know what dscan is?

“Security measures and procedures” is the name of the game…

I fully agree here.

However i don’t see connection between first quote and this one:

In general yes, this is pure speculation. But how is it connected to first quote?

I was crafting a lot of responses to many points in this OP till I got to this part at the end. Wow… just wow. Let’s change EVE Online to a Liberal Arts college complete with safe spaces and trigger warnings. Add in some sensitivity training as to not upset the delicate sensibilities of our new players and call it a day. LMAO

I think we are okay. If the average starts to hang out under 20k then perhaps a complete drastic idea like ‘make the game unfair to the majority of players’ might still be laughed at, but at least it might make a little sense. Maybe. Just a tad.

This is funny to me. I’m probably way too sensitive (for instance I installed LoL but barely ever played because I was afraid of people yelling at me), but I’ve found Eve to be extremely welcoming.

Sure, someone might blow me up, but I haven’t heard nobody in game telling someone else to commit suicide, nor someone expose his wacky theories about the jews. For an online game, that’s outright refreshing.XD


Absolutely! The number of welcoming players far outweighs any bullies I’ve met. In the 3 largest corps I’ve been in for a significant amount of time I’ve came to trust and respect the other members as they have trusted and respected me. Sure there was that one time someone else didn’t check into a new corp mate and they proceeded to kill my Hulk and Orca… but when everyone came together and we built me a new one from scratch it was all warm fuzzy feelings and pride for days!

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im a newbe , my experience for what its worth very much coincides with the captain though … iv only played on eve for a couple of months !!! That said ,In the real world iv got 40 years experience as a psychologist … And if there is one truth iv seen a thousand times is nobody wants to hear the truth about themselves, especially their shadows and dark side !! this game promotes and encourage,s “hyper capitalization” in the real world this has contributed to a “real world” ■■■■ show … So why the hell would any person with ethics want to “play” a game where thats what you do , prey and ■■■■ on other people !!! haha fricken ridiculous for most people with a conscious … and yea when I discovered this was eve , I left … period … But I love space sims and eve is amazing on this point … So im solo … doing my own thing … who knows how long that will last !!

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No ! This is to spectacularly miss the point. Whatever it is you aspire to, it is up to you to imagine, design, promote, then implement. Not some theoretical (and external) third party.

This is what EvE is truly simulating: a post-apocalyptic society where “normal” rules don’t apply. The space part is simply the volume within which provided game mechanics take place. You don’t like something? Change it. You - not someone else.

Inter alia (and largely at random) you want to block cargo scanners? There are ships that already do that; why didn’t you use one? You want freighters with armed protection? They are called corp mates or RL friends in attack craft; why didn’t you use either?

I fly solo. I get the above might be unpalatable to your gameplay. But them’s the rules. If there is one thing EvE is absolutely clear about going in, it is biased towards the community, not individuals. So, you individually don’t like something? Build your own community. Don’t rant about it. Look at James 315 - set himself up as the “Great Blasphemer”, a barrack-room lawyer nemesis for CCP, and also basically just a naughty boy. Like him / she / it or loathe them, they appear to have the psychology down pat to make it work. And to trigger you.

You wouldn’t do any of his / their naughtiness yourself in RL? Fine. What are your practical suggestions for how ethical players can change it and “take back the space” that is the fantasy world of EvE? (Include your manifesto to be a CSM rep; if you really want to get political about it.)

Sure you can dismiss all this under your banner of #3 CYNICISM. But this is also where the psychologists tell you the rubber hits the road. Take away RL ethics- and moral-based institutions and EvE is what you will get. (In reality, it wouldn’t even be this good). And this, this is what is being simulated.

Remind us again what are you doing about it?


Ah ok…so what does your experience in psychology tell you about people who seem to be unable to seperate a fantasy world - dystopian like eve or rainbowunicornlandonline or whatever- from the real world. Would you diagnose that as healthy behavior?


Can i have your stuff?

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If I ever saw someone who wants to pretend to be a badass, then the OP is it. Captain Bastard, crying for safety and security.

Carebears …

Edit: Now I feel like I was in the wrong thread. Did he not have his own thread? Wow. Where is my coffee…


Can I share my theory with out Hershey’s are planning on taking over the world with chocolate?

4 groups in EVE:

Noobs can be attracted by advertising, word of mouth, special offers.

Regulars are retained, more or less, and are the largest group into which other groups feed into, and drop out of.

Returning players can be incentivized by interesting game changes.

Left players are either for personal reasons or dissatisfaction with the game.

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Hershey’s is not chocolate, it’s recycled vomit that’s been stored in a dirty vacuum cleaner bag for 6 weeks and then packaged to masquerade as chocolate.

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Well, any person with free will doesn’t have to play the game that way. lolz
The point is that people can play how they decide they want to. It’s that simple. Wanting to stop that reeks of fascism as far as I’m concerned.


Which is why they must be stopped!

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Too much tinfoil on your chocolate is bad for your health.

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This thread is getting better…

Death by chocolate…

… waits for someone from Germany to tell me that’s not what it looks like …