The reason We Have Bitter Vets

The reason we have Bitter vets, is not due to just to the changes CCP has done on a whim. which Destroyed nearly every type of gameplay from mining a basic rock to having the money to buy a Titan, after spending literal years of work. What they have done is screwed over there older player base to such an extent, A Lot of people that play eve are older, and have issues with there health, but eve had a game play that no matter how ill you where , if you could click a mouse you could have a good time away from reality, But CCP has removed this. Thats why we have bitter vets, and those that say Harden up, We Did and we killed you more times than you would admit. CCP Changed the rules of eve again and again. due to whiners, and thats made a game that has no Destination, and no future, Because no matter what you do . CCP will nerf it and make all that time pointless. So Why play ?

Are you ok ? Seriously speaking…

To be truthfull no, EVE was the only game i could still play. Im done here and CCP dont give a ■■■■.

So what specifically is the issue. Shouting into the wind doesn’t really do much.

Ultimately it is just a videogame … take it for what it is… I’ve been playing since 2009 and witnessed a lot of bad decisions on CCP’s behalf , but truthfully I just still come back for the social part of it … a community that still has more to offer than any other videogame.
This game has seen so many changes since its release , that could drive one crazy … but yet it still has many that still play it…

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The reason EVE has bitter vets is because of how the game manages to catch and keep the attention of players, often even long after those players stopped having fun.

In most games, players move on to do or play something else once they get bored.

This seems not to be the case in EVE, where it is more common for bitter (ex-)players to stick around and stay emotionally invested in a game they once loved, instead of moving on.


Cheers for the advice, its nice to see some compassion on these forums. You are a gent and fly safe.

“I’ve been playing for 15 years man, the game sucks”. Like, what?

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Thank you for your kind words ! Don’t forget that it has always been us the community that made Eve for what it is, for better or worse … that no matter how CCP tried to steer it. As any game , it’s nothing without its players, but there’s a glimmer of hope . It looks like the player numbers are increasing , though some might say it’s just a band aid and that it’s normal , given there’s plex and omega offers, plus a new expansion on the horizon.
Feel free to take a break from it , if you think that is best for you . I said multiple times that I’m done with it and still camed back , even with a ton of chars wasted and currently sitting in Doomheim . As for the changes they make… I learned to stop carring about those, take the game as it is … “live the moment” and have a good time with friends playing it.

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Dude I agree, I love the people i have met in eve, I had such a good time, And i am on a break at the moment, 2 months so far but I Think that CCP are trying to monetizing those friendships, and thats what sticks in my craw. Its close to blackmail, Its extortion at best.

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When I feel like you do about a game I usually take a break from the game and play something else for some months.

It’s refreshing to play something else for a while (I’m playing Albion lately) and it also refreshes the will to play EVE again when you start missing the spaceships and harsh universe and look at upcoming updates with ideas of ships you want to try.

It may not be the same for all of us, but for me it helps a lot to take breaks from games to avoid becoming a bitter vet.


Dont let the door slap you on the caboose on your way out.

Feels like I’ve been hearing this since 2010. To my mind EVE’s community is a lot like a metal shop. Theres the old farts who show up and work and get along. Theres the old farts who just want to smoke and complain all day. Theres the established journeymen who do their thing and theres the apprentices who might finish their educations, might not.

In my experience as far back as 2008, the bittervets are a loud and vocal minority operating an echochamber and just about everybody else is doing their thing, running their communities and leaving / coming back as their desire to play internet spaceships demands.

I cant help but feel as though the supposed bittervets are exactly the same as the cranky dude in the metalshop who doesnt seem to like anything anymore.

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I know how that feels , I live in a country where 20 euros for a videogame it’s a bit too much , for some a luxury , but that’s fine … When I don’t have that much time on my hands , I just stay alpha (don’t listen to what others say about alpha clone state, you can definetly have fun as an alpha) and subscribe when i have the time to play and get the most for my money . There’s also new options now, at least for me with limited time … a 3 day omega pack and you can always get an one week omega starter pack .
Like I and Gerard said… a break usually comes in handy…


Just a pixel simulator videogame. All videogames are just time killers/entertainment.

I have been here since 2018 I play all my videogames with this concept in mind.

Just exactly what qualifies a player as a Veteran?

Can’t really go by their characters age, especially with the large amount of alts currently plaguing this game. Not to mention a character could have been created 20 yrs ago and that person stopped playing for 19 years.

Can’t really go by the amount of SP’s either, especially due to Skill Injectors and the fact that CCP has literally been throwing SP’s at everybody for the past 5 years or so.

Can’t go by Career / game play preference either, especially since this game promotes all types of game play.

Could possibly view a google history to verify how long they’ve been an active member of this community. However that would only provide a very small percentage of long time players. Also it wouldn’t account for long time players who use newly created characters to post on the forums. Nor would it account for long time players who are new to the forums. And what about all those long time players in-game who don’t even bother with the forums?

Speaking of which, seems to me this thread topic is aimed at forum Veteran’s so what about those Veteran’s in-game who never post in the forums? I’m sure there’s bitter ones in-game as well with valid reasons for being bitter. Or does this thread topic include both?

So yeah, I ask again, just exactly what qualifies a player as a Veteran?

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Someone who miss learning the game?

BOV’s have fleshed out the game by now. Most of the challenge is gone.

The reason is arrogance



I think it’s more than just that. After investing a lot of time, effort and money into figuring out how to do things easily and efficiently, CCP then changes everything which then negates all that time, effort and money, thus making it a total waste.

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of youth. Fixed it for you.

I can’t argue that one.

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