The Red Line Long Since Crossed

“There is a red line, and CCP has been across that line for a long time. They should not be selling tangible items, which might give an in-game advantage. CCP should not be selling gold ammo, gold ships, skill points, destroyers, or mining barges. Any attempt to do this will cause players to lose faith in the game, and they will see it as ‘pay to win’. The players will quit playing.”

- Aiko Danuja

What is the point of logging on a MMO when accomplishments once earned from having patience, putting in the effort, and understanding the game mechanics can be easily won by wallet. I’ve played MMOs where loot boxes ruined them and store-bought designer mounts and pets have become a band-aid alternative to fixing issues and keeping the mechanics as fresh as they were the day the MMO launched.

EVE Online did not last for nearly 20 years by relying on gimmicks like these, but by being innovative, original, and captivating. It’s what kept me here after the Doctor Who event ended. I want to have that as the reason to renew my Omega when it becomes due.

Heed Aiko’s words as both wisdom and warning, whether you agree with her in-game activities and opinions or not.


You’re not. It’s the Sunday after a clock change. All good!


Gold ammo? Can we get a choice of customisable missile skins?

Missiles move pretty fast. I’m not sure they slow down long enough for any of us to get a good look at the housing. :rofl:

Colourful missile trails, perhaps some sound effects of missile screams too.


Majestic trails and terrifying wails? I can get behind this. It practically bellows Amarr.


How about a sentient talking bomb? Dark Star - Talking to the bomb - YouTube


I seem to remember a time when you could put a camera on the missile while it was in flight. Is that still a thing or am I thinking of another game?


This isn’t some novel idea or concept thought of and championed by any one person. A lot of especially the old people share this sentiment. So to say ‘so and so is right’ about a general sentiment shared by a not insignificant portion of the playerbase kinda takes away from the point you’re trying to reinforce.

But yeah, gimme a skin for the old 'Thron with them huge ass cowcatchers on the front or something. That I’d pay money for. Or the old tiger stripe vindi.

But the catch is some of this stuff was implemented back when CCP actually still had a good relationship with the playerbase, so while we were concerned about it then, we weren’t quite ready to riot at the drop of a hat like the playerbase is now.

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I 100% agree with Aiko that there should be not a hint of ‘pay to win’ in the game.

But hold on a minute…isn’t being able to log in with multiple accounts a form of ‘pay to win’ ?


I phrased it so because there will be those prejudiced against the person making the argument, rather than consider the argument on its own merit. I see your point though, and have changed the topic of my OP in light of that. My thoughts remain the same, however.

Okay, that’s a fair point and certainly open to re-examination.

Pretty sure it is already.

Everything is pay to win. You could even argue that play skill aquired through longer game sybscription is paying to win. Omega versus Free is certaining paying for an advatage, and a huge one that multiplies over time.

When CCP announces that tbe only way to get overpowered ships or implants is with cash, then I will object. Until then the complaints sre silly. Hell. I think CCP should sell skill packs in the store. Why not.



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I played World of Warships when it was just an Android app.

Back then it was definitely a VERY strong Pay-To-Win game (don’t know what it’s like now that it’s PC, I suspect the same).

Every few weeks they would sell for RL $$ specialty ships, specialty weapons, specialty ammo, etc. No way you could compete with just the normal ingame items. It was literally an arms race with real money. And that destroyed the game for me.

I do NOT want to see EVE go that way too.


doubloons vs plex

Gold coins vs gold bars/tickets.

Also crates for rewards.

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Most MMORPG games have some form of “Plex”.

I played another game that used gold instead of ISK and diamonds instead of Plex. Same concept.

(That one too ended up being heavy P2W and I lost interest…)

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Monetisation of games is not going away no matter how hard you wish it.

I agree.

The issue is what form will it take?

IMO, selling skins, clothing, Plex and even booster/training packs is OK. I’d even add in custom things like corp/alliance custom skins, occasional character name changing (with some kind of searchable history), and other cosmetic changes is OK too.

Selling whole fitted ships is not.

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