The Rise and Fall in Bitcoin Value

Just a good video. Not pointing at any of us, I guess in finances we are all equal, except for that squid (that died) and would have picked the good/winning solution. :wink:

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Your government, including the corrupt ones who will steal from you, cares more about you than anyone in the crypto community. Let that sink in. The biggest problem with systems is that at some given time, people figure it out and abuse it until others can’t have it anymore and destroy it. Why do you think Roman technology was thrown away in the dark ages? Years of terror and abuse came to an end and without a central governing body, Europe descended in chaos and war. Not the first time and certainly not the last. Empires and their social structure collapse due to the human nature of competing. And then they form again. Be glad you lived in probably one of the least violent periods and most prosperous periods after World War II. It wasn’t going to last forever. We’ll see what the future brings, but I can guarantee you there will be governments and taxes. Always have been, always will be. Like an old clock?

You’re saying a government that steals from their citezens cares for them? You might want to research that a little further as some governments in the world will arrest you for wanting to adopt a different religion for example.

If you do believe in God and the Bible you will know “thou shall not steal” and if you analyse the reason why this is a rule you can see the effect theft can have on someone who is already struggling, also if one man steals from another than the man who was stolen from won’t have anything to feed his own family. I think you should agree any type of theft can put the victim in a terrible position where their life is affected negatively.

Let me tell you something from my perspective;

Recently the UK government finished paying compensation to the families that owned slaves in the past, in order to do this they used the taxes I and other black people in the UK pay. From my perspective I find it difficult to see where my government genuinely cares. Don’t get me wrong if I’m in danger and I call police they will come so I do have some respect for them.

You never seem to root for the little guy, I can see you are all about the system of control as without it you would have problems. The video I posted featured people who have had their money stolen by the government and it looks like their economy will collapse soon, anyone trying to protest this in the street gets arrested and all round the situation is terrible and there isn’t much of a solution.

If I was to say some of the people in the video would have benefitted if bitcoin was allowed in the country you’ll only disagree because you dislike bitcoin, when in actual fact it is true if their money was in a BTC wallet their corrupt government couldn’t access it which would have paved the way for a kind of underground network where transactions could take place without government oversight.

You don’t seem to support the little guy having tools which help avoid unjust policies set by their governments. It’s a shame. Everyone has different perspectives, You don’t seem to have much problem with the government in your country and things are set up to benefit you, yet a few thousand miles away you have governments who oppress their citezens. When will you understand that there are 1000s of different perspectives and situations around the world where some people would benefit from BTC more than others?

If you read the Satoshi whitepaper carefully you will find this is the exact thing BTC was designed to assist with not “Bitcoin will double or triple your money” or “you will get rich investing in BTC”. Have you made your tin foil hat yet?

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Neither do you.

I understand how you feel this is unfair but you (and I and generally everyone now) were born in a classless society. There are only two classes “the working class” that’s you and I and the “capitalist class” the people you will never hear of as they manage gargantuan fortunes.

Slavery was abolished and to make sure those who still owned slaves and had a say in parliament would not block it were promised compensation. They dodn’t own slaves because “muh racism”, they owned slaves because they believed that tribes who conquered other tribes sold the “pow’s” or had to kill them because they don’t have a guantanamo prison system to hold many enemy tribesmen. Is it good? No, they should have made a contract with the pow’s (which would be unlawful as it’s made under pressure) to have them work like a limited time as some kind of “unpaid internships”. However none of us were around to solve the issue and hindsight is 20/20.

However since you like to address old slavery, why don’t you take on modern slavery? Do you need to wait until it’s outdated? People from many places in the world, are being trafficked every day. Some are promised better lives for only $5000 (as a up payment and then they have to work for the traffickers forever because they have no contract are are pushed into crime). Most of them are pushed in drug addiction so they become dependent and can’t go to the police because they are career criminals. There, you can stand up for them, but be careful as the slavers are powerful. See, you wouldn’t have done anything either if we were hundreds of years ago. Neither would I as they are too powerful for individuals to take on. If society was more close and people would respect each other and help, those practices won’t stand a chance, but people are drawn into a multifaceted “us vs them” where hundreds of small groups are created to make sure the United Kingdom remains divided. Divide et impera. Nothing new though.

Times do change. Help others out and one day we’ll have a decent society. Wethere or not with BTC.

What’s wrong, are my posts too real for you?

Didn’t even read them yet. I never censor others, I believe people can freely voice their opinion but we also have went too far away from BTC at this point, so probably that could be a point too.

You have to understand that you live in different times and diffferent concepts are popular and widely accepted today than they were centuries ago. If someone writes about history and people that thought differently, dont suddenly turn mad, its pointless. There was no racism. There was slavery. White christians could become slaves, black pagans could become slaves.

Racism is fairly new world, and its connected to segragation and discrimination.

As for me, I think segregation and discrimination is needed in society, it separates murderers and agressive people from the rest, it doesnt allow unskilled to do the work that would endanger the others and their own lifes. It allows people to find their purpose and feel safe. Of course you have to segregate and discriminate using wisdom and knowledge. Prejudice is not knowledge but ignorance.
To be clear, I use these words in this meaning:
Segregation: setting apart from the rest or from each other; isolating or dividing.
Discrimination: recognition and understanding of the difference between one person and another.

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Of course racism existed a long time ago, it’s just that a word to describe it didn’t exist.

This is common in many languages for example when I hear hindu people talk I still hear a couple of english words because there isn’t a word in their language for what they are trying to describe.

It is interesting we have gone off topic, or have we? Money and finance seems to affect every aspect of life, perhaps this is why our convo seems to be going off topic.

Ultimately part of the Bitcoin convo is what governments and banks are doing with our money, we are not always going to agree with what our respective governments do and I brought up the fact my government compensated families whose ancestors owned slaves (this happened in 2015) as a point because I strongly disagree with it. From my perspective I don’t want these type of people running every aspect of my finance as I think it was an extremely poor decision and the families that accepted the money…well, obviously free labour wasn’t enough for them and they wanted more which I would describe as greed.

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Money controls everything. It controls every (large) conflict in the world. So in a way BTC will intertwine in all of that too. It’s important we remain level headed although it affects all of us and will on occasion trigger our emotions in a strong way.

And in “Cryptocurrency” in French is… “Cryptocurrency”. We all adopt new words from those who bring it to us.

Yes, honestly I do feel bad when I see countries where people are crying and protesting in the street. I don’t think the UK is very far behind in all honesty, In a few months a large portion of UK families will not be able to afford electric and the government have said nothing will be done until the conservative party has selected a new leader.

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There was always dicrimination and segregation, and there was also prejudice towards social groups and misconceptions about other people, in all people in the world, to different degrees in individuals. There are all colors of skin in the world and no matter what shade it is, all of them are more or less flawed people, because color doesnt play any role in that, its mind of a human. You will not get rid of it, ever, as you will not get rid of stupid people.

Its like with cryptos, there is always something wrong with them. More or less. But you dont have to use them. With humans you must live, we live in a society.


Oh yes it will. Many wars in history where payed for by debasing the currency, printing more money out of thin air to fight or keep fighting a war. This will no longer be possible with Bitcoin. A war would require that someone has to actually pay for it, and not just steal money from the future in such quantities that will inevitably collapse the economy.

The french are pretty famous for “cleaning up” their language, are they not? Only a matter of time until it’s “argent d’ordinateur” or something :rofl:

Pure computer-technically speaking BTC will be 2 million ‘coins’ but I still have my doubts on the different forks. Regarding the current economical situation but let’s assume everyone in the world would use BTC, would they fork it and use it to “their advantage”. Just imagining how it could be “meta”-ed. Because I’m sure people in power need control of it (for the good or the bad).

It will take some time before our “Language purists” will clean up the words that aren’t French enough but it usually takes time for them and I don’t think they already know about the common use of cryptocurrency… :wink:

One can’t just create a fork out of thin air. firstly you have to actually be a direct BTC miner, then you have to present your proposal for a change, all of the BTC miners have to agree the change for it to be effected. Lets say 90% disagree and 10% agree, those 10% can create a fork and call it Bitcoin Gold for example and switch their miners to mine that.

Lets say a couple miners from the 90% who disagreed change their mind and find that Bitcoin Gold does actually have some benefit (The change could be something like making the block size bigger so BTC can support more transactions per second) then they may decide to switch their miners over to Bitcoin Gold fork. Then there would be 12% of the BTC miners who have now switched mining Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Gold would have the proposed change of a larger block size and support more transactions per second than the Original BTC.

So now you have 2 forks running completely independent of each other. New BTC miners can choose to mine any BTC fork they wish, what we may find is BTC Gold might fizzle out due to problems arising from the larger block size, BTC Gold miners will set their miners to mine the original BTC and then that’s the end of that.

So No, the government or bank can’t just make a phone call and say “Hey let’s fork BTC” it is a long drawn out process that only a BTC miner will have access to. And No, Becoming a direct BTC miner in order to access the fork process wont work either, the proposal still has to be agreed upon by all of the BTC miners.

This is a video of a guy describing one of the Bitcoin forks: Bitcoin SV

It looks like a handful of BTC miners wanted to address the scalability issue, so they went ahead and forked BTC and then BTC Cash and created BTC SV.

Ok, let’s assume they create a fork and call it Fedcoin. But you and Aaron and I and pretty much everyone else so far uses a wallet with it’s own regular Bitcoin node, which you can today pretty much integrate into a mobile phone, and increasingly so, because Bitcoin is artificially limited to allow just that.

You gona deliberately join Fedcoin?

Maybe they try to force people in Murrica to use it and outlaw the original node software. Why should I care? We all even get some free Fedcoins, because it’s a fork, except they make a new genesis block and start a completely new history. So if it’s indeed a fork, there will be some time until someone figures out how to make a transaction that is valid for Fedcoin but not on Bitcoin. In that instant we can all dump out Fedcoins to buy more Bitcoin, and the price of that shitcoin goes down to hell.

The economics of such a fork are just not working in it’s favor. It would need a global effort of never seen collaboration of all nation state who simultaneously coerce their population by force to use Fedcoin.



If we take a look at how employment has changed recently we can see that everybody is tightening up and jobs are being lost. In these circumstances people tend to take on other jobs in different industries from the ones they are used to.

Currently Nicehash needs more processing power I can tell this because my profit is surprisingly high for the current BTC price so it seems that there is a bidding war where the highest bid gets my processing power and the other miners on Nicehash.

I do feel as though some diversification needs to happen in order for people to keep their heads above water in these troubled times, In the UK currently an RX 6600 XT will earn £0.28 per day after electric is paid and it does seem there is a vast amount of people investing money in crypto who purchase processing power from Nicehash so if you are looking for a well financed passive income your gaming computer might be the answer.

It is interesting how the introduction of crypto can affect society in a positive way, wealthy people seem to be hastily buying up BTC and processing power which prompts people on a lower income like me to provide the processing power. You can hate crypto as much as you like but you should be able to admit the money faucet has been turned on and another way of fairly earning money from wealthy people has been created. If this is executed legally and ethically then it is something to be celebrated.

I am comfortable doing what I do and I strongly feel I will never be discriminated against working in the crypto industry, No one cares where I’m from or what I look like or the god I pray to, my processing power will be sold equally along with everybody else on Nicehash nobody gets any special treatment we are all the same. I’m happy to be part of a forward thinking community that has ethics.


So what’s this then then? People are borrowing money to pay energy bills?

This man has kids to support so I expect tough decisions will have to be made, the only problem here is the borrowed money will run out, at that point the monthly energy bill and the loan repayment will be due which will only worsen the situation. I think this person would have been better off using that £5000 to start a business in addition to his normal job as a mechanic and then pay his bills with the profit.

Sad times, cost of living goes up. Crime will go up. “Gentle healers make stinking wounds.”
The internationalization of trade brought with it advantages and disadvantages so I guess maybe the economic structure will change? UK was already growing tighter into the Commonwealth, BRICS are also tightening up… we’ll see how it all evolves as it’s a unique situation and I’m sure diplomats and politicians are doing overtime.