The Rook advise for ratting low sec

I know they can’t be seen on D-scan but can still be scanned downed with combat probes, what ecm burst jammer be best to break a lock or should I fit more specific racial ecm’s, is a general ecm pretty good for this bonused ship and therefore good enough?

First all a burst jammer does not belong on the Rook, they belong on a Scorpion or Widow.

With that out of the way, since you plan on ratting, you need to consider a buffer tank and at least one hardener depending on the lowsec region you are at, you know the drill.
That won’t leave much room for ecm modules, so my advice would be to get your hand on some Dread Guristas multisprectal jammers, maybe 2 of them in case the first one didn’t land a jam.
The thing is, ecm modules still jam but now the target can lock you back, so you merely have seconds to bail in case you have unwanted visitors.

In a worst case scenario, clam yourself, nothing has happened yet. The potential party-pooper may be at a range where she or he cannot point or scram you yet, so you align to a safe spot or celestial to bail to and then lock and jam him, hoepfully, and then warp to the spot or celestial. Then keep making bookmarks in warp and warp around between them until your weapon and limited engagement timers have run out.
Leave the system then and only then and life to rat another day.

Thanks to the CCP wisdom that don’t work anymore, with the last changes you cannot jam a ship who target you.

Well dang, then what does one do, humm.

sell the rook, buy a curse

That is now rather an useless ship. Just get something else.


Rooks in fleets are still going to be a wonderful thing, flown intelligently.

Well that’s going to be a problem… I have never flown one and the second part is questionable.


Such is Eve, the beautiful place that it is.

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Lowsec ratting is bad. The Rook is bad. Don’t do it. You are wasting your time.

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Or fly a Lachesis instead.

Not just wonderful… fantastic, great, exceptional, amazing, (…insert here more bombastic and useless a la Trump epithets…).
Or just another ship who will gather dust in hangars.

Shrug, to each their own?

Honestly ratting with a combat recon feels like a silly thing anyways. They lack good damage output (the Rook’s is good but the range is limited unless you gimp the DPS with HMLs).

Feels like it’s a lot smarter to just use a cruise raven, pre-aligned to a station/citadel. Local spikes, you spam Dscan. If you see something show up or probes come out, step on the gas. And if you slip up and they do catch you, insurance pays for almost your entire loss. Rooks don’t insure worth ■■■■.

Using a Rook and relying on dscan immunity is kind of like Russian Roulette, eventually you’ll eat it when a roam shotguns sites. As there are lots of rats that can point it makes a lot of sense to be well outside of point range.

Or if bling is your thing, use a rattle.

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