The Room for an Argument (specialized Off-Topic)

Would your (as a member of Templis CALSF) allies in the former Gallente militia group Federation Uprising agree, Ms Kim? Or would your allies (as a member of the Caldari State) in CVA be more likely to agree?

I have always wondered if trying to win arguments with strangers requires forms of narcissism I do not possess. It all seems rather self-aggrandizing.

It mostly just requires self hate

Those who get excited from winning arguments with strangers are about same as those deranged pirates, who go all excited for popping a random ship and then bragging about the killmail. Our cluster, unfortunately, is full of these people. I don’t think it’s a narcissim though, it’s just… Well, I don’t know.

As for me, I am repulsed by their behavior and consider them dumb (probably that’s the reason of nickname I gave to Arrendiot). I myself feel excited by defeating only terrible people, would it be in the space or forums. It feels good if I destroy an enemy of the State in space or show place to some obnoxious jerk on forums. I think it’s a satisfaction from delivering justice and making our world to be maybe just a bit brighter. Maybe same gallente occupant won’t murder more innocent civilians if I pop them in space. Maybe same forum troll won’t insult other person because he will be busy yelling at me and being logically defeated.

And when I feel a bad person - that can be felt quite easily, honestly, if they talk disrespectfully, if they make assumptions about their opponent in the argument or just outright lie about other person for the sake of proving them “right”, or they talk with sarcastic remarks instead of being honest, or just attack the State or Empire - I have a deep desire not to “win” against them, but… do everything I can to not let them have what they want. If they want to “win” against a stranger that would happen to be me - I simply won’t let them. Because they don’t deserve it.

While I won’t decry someone arguing because they find it exciting, feeling good, or satisfying, I personally find such reasons too indulgent for my own tastes.

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Indulgent by making world better?
The more scum we fight, the better lives for everyone (except that scum).
It’s a feeling of job being done good, if you did your work good, you should feel good, isn’t it so?

I am Deteis and was enculturated and trained as such. Priority was placed on self-control and moderation to achieve an effective emotional and psychological baseline without the distraction of sentiment which was part of my childhood indoctrination protocols, and remain standards I try to maintain. As such, I believe my work should be prosecuted in accordance with established rules, guidelines and operating procedures, separate and distinct from my own feelings on the nature of that work – irrespective of successful outcomes.