The Shuttlecomedone

P.S. Interesting option to leave the Shuttle in space and self-destruct the capsule to Luminaire clone bay.

It’s a good point to redesign this event next time to a marathon or Expedition style.

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Like lemmings. :joy:

Lemmings of Luminaire. :fastparrot:

How long is it going to take to clear all that lot up. :roll_eyes:

How long is it going to take to clear all that lot up. :roll_eyes:

More than 5 minutes.

heh “Suttle Condom” :v

A Bowhead can drift through those shuttle swarms like a blue whale through krill.


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Shhh, don’t trigger ‘petitioners’…

Nice pictures, I’m sure the servers are working overtime each downtime to clean up the space lanes.

Now I understand the concept of self destructing the clone to quickly get back to the starting line because some people are impatient and can’t be arsed. Or maybe I’m missing something and just don’t quite understand the mechanics governing this event.

Just exactly how many jumps does each phase of the race consist of anyway, like from starting point A to ending Point B?

When you go from starting point A to ending point B, that’s the end for that phase of the race, correct?

After completing one phase of the race, is there a cool-down timer before starting the next phase of the race?

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Yes. Distance from A to B can take from 5 (1 point) to 25 (6 points) jumps, maybe more.

Yes. You have to return to point A, after that, to get another race.

IDK, I didn’t self-destruct my capsule to test it. If it exists, this cooldown is shorter than 4 mins.

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Wow, only 6 points for 25 jumps from point A to Point B. Yeah, I can see why players would want to take the pod-express back.

OK, just wanna make sure I got this correct.

When you reach ending Point B, that phase of the race is completed and the points for that phase is added to your total and if available, you can redeem an Agency reward.

However, in order to get another race you have to return back to starting point A.

Ahhh ok, so basically there’s no cool-down timer between each phase of the race.

Thanks for the answers.

– Yes.

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Essential for this event. :smirk:

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