The silence is deafening

How long will you,CCP and your minions remain silent about the bots?

I can’t tell if the tintinnabulation is in my head or,if its from the bells signaling some other demise.
What ever the case may be,anything leading to the end of the bot insanity is rather paramount.

CCP this is your burden not the players. Players destroying human owned bot fleets isn’t content. It’s an insult.
I applaud the efforts by the players concerning this. However its nothing more than tantamount to cleaning up the trash. The trash that you,CCP have allowed to be dumped here.

Clean space for all. :put_litter_in_its_place:


They haven’t really been silent:

Reddit spurge isn’t evidence of silence or CCP doing nothing, though the killing of Nyx botters is great. Hopefully more of it happens.

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"CCP strikes back"©
this winter…

Walking along the streets in Spanish Harlem I do look at the grafitto,but it is hardly what I consider the “writing on the wall” nor is that. Its at the end of the 2nd week into the new year. How “committed” is that? Towing the line doesn’t offer much to something that requires timely action.

Luckily Eve isn’t in the Spanish Harlem, so all you need to do is read the forum rather than shed tears on it.

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Redundancy has value,somewhere…

Goes to ask the wise old Owl.

Redundancy is pointless if people don’t read. Being uninformed and whining is so much easier… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I just want to say, this whole botting affair further proves that everyone here needs more James 315 in their lives, including CCP.

And CODE needs more null sec in their lives.

That comment is from October, and no devblog has been released.

That’s pretty silent.

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tantamount, you keep saying that word, but i dont think it means what you think it means…

Yeah sure. I’m just grumpy today.

The OP clearly hadn’t read that post (nor the thread, which is only just down from this one in the forum), so it wouldn’t have really mattered if CCP had posted a devblog in the last 10 weeks. There’s been a lot of discussion on r/eve of bots over the last few days and this thread is a reflection of that. Blind belief that CCP have posted nothing on the subject at all (it doesn’t seem logical that the bot situation is much different now to 10 weeks ago).

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I’ll just leave this here…


Probably not the news CCP wanted to see, but the news they have to see.


Definitely the news they deserve.

One big problem still ahead of us is the fact that once the topic shifts away, the situation will turn back to how it was before this shitshow started. We’d need a player-driven botting taskforce… one that’s actually worth being taken seriously, that is.

Without players keeping CCP in chdck, the situation will just revert to its former state eventually. When the hype fades, all the children will stop caring again.


CCP has been below the power curve since Incarna. Crap keeps piling on their backlog faster than they can work on it and questionable long term decissions have harmed their ability to keep the development ahead of the needs by keeping healthy population levels.

They’re like a plate spinner who exceeded his abbility to keep them all spinning. Some plates already fell and the spinner is sweating as plates fall faster than he can boost them and add new ones.

The irony is that EVE is quite in the place where Rubicon intended to lead it. But it’s a crappy place and CCP has lost more than what will gain with it. CCP Seagull can proudly claim to have determined how exactly will die EVe Online, because once the Rubicon Plan is completed, CCP won’t be in a position to think big about EVE… nor anything else for the matter.

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This is why a solid community team is important. Even if all they do is feed us platitudes and empty promises it provides a much needed calming effect when ■■■■ starts to hit the fan. It’s snowballing pretty bad right now, I don’t envy the employee that gets the job of confronting the situation, but not confronting the situation just gives us another thing to get annoyed about.

the last we need is calmness. the LIE of everything being fine is what got us into this mess in the first place! CCP needs a kick into their balls and not a calm crowd of players!


CCP and its propaganda team, specifically the RMT cartels’ propaganda teams, will be along shortly to say “just because CCP ignores these threads does not mean that CCP is not working on some super-secret plan to obliterate all botting forever in the game. Oh, and CCP plans on putting all the botters on double secret probation.”


This made the news