The status of the game…

man im so impressed with the amount of expert in economics, socioligist, the antropologist here dude, we may get the next nobel prices from this post “im being sarcastic btw”, no lets talk seriously, while i agree with some things im completly against others, i already talked about a related topic to this "aka ess and concord bounty risk shitshow " but some moderator though my post too sharp and decided to close it cause when someone states you are doing wrong and states it with arguments it hurts so the easiest way to get rid of that problem is to close the post “its internet hey!”. I cant hide the fact this game is full of ppl so toxic that not even their moms would love them and thats saying much(childly insult i know). well one thing is right here, in my case im not recommending this game at its current state, some friends have asked me about returning and i just said what, are you crazy? you are better off with this ■■■■. one of the basic laws of the economy is if an activity you put time and effort is not giving you the returns you expect and you are in fact incurring in loses then move away and look for a different thing,. the problem here is some dougbags assume only their ways are the correct ones and any other way its wrong, hilarious because in a game that feels “proud” of holding the title of “space mmo sanbox” the mere word “sandbox” implies every style of game is equaly valid and there are no distintions or activities considered as the right way to do the things because its a freaking S A N D B O X, now some idiots argue about ppl making insane amounts of wealth, well, dont cry and do the same thats also part of the game, making money. im completly against botting, its like a ■■■■■■■ cancer which must be erased from any videogame, including eve, i hate those assholes who just put their ■■■■■■■ bots to make cash 24/7 and cut the profit from ppl who actually play the damn game “miners, ratters, explorers , mission runners et etc.”. now some mentally retarded morons say "miners are making more cash cause the ore values are skyrocketing, yeah sure champ, if ore prices increase all the products derivated from them increase asswell, there is no real revenue, just a hiden inflation of the prices fueled by a forced scarcity which at the end beneficts none. basic economics dude. oh mom look at those ratters they deserve their income source to be cut into pieces because any ratter i see its a botter. can you “elite enlightened light bringers alpha and omega males of the pvp crew” suppport those arguments with real evidence showing that every ratter in eve is a botter? no , you cant, because believe it or not there is ppl who actually play the game and rat as it is supposed to. sitting behind a computer screen moving ships , cycling targets micromananing drones and so , thats work dude and requires concentration. i agree about the fact that the more complicated the task the better it must be rewarded, but what are we getting today? shitty mining, diminishing industry, inflated prices, lower isk generation. i understtand eve is a business, but , punishing the bulk of the population just to “fix” the game environment is such and old argument that you are better ssaying “hey dumbs, we need you to use more the credit card so we are making isk harder to generate in order for you to fund all your in game activities with real money”, and that includes that selected group of pvp masterchiefs we have in eve, warmongers, warlords, pleaseeeeeeeeeee by the love of god dont punish me!!!. now some phd in economics will say “yo moron you know ccp earns more when ppl plexes via isk right”, well, just to allow your unineuronal brains to understand it i got an example for you, there is a shop that sells candies at 10 cents each, and there are 10 childs who always buy a candy each, so its 100 cents for the shop, the kids were able to do some work and every weekend they have 10 exact cents each allowing them to buy their so beloved candy. time pases and the candies are still 10 cents, but now only 9 of those 10 kids are able to make money enough to buy their candy meaning that the shop now is only selling 90 cents, losing in fact 10 cents weekly, in order to compensate for this the shop owner decides to lower the prices so the kids can again buy the same amount of candies, but even so the shop owner is losing money, a double edged blade isnt it?, but once again the money source of the kids keeps becoming harder and the cycle repeats, so you get my idea right? its a thing of time vs wealth generation and possible profits. if eve is a game where all things are built by players so other players blow them i find it funny and interesting that the most affected part of the game community are always the miners and industrials who drive the weight of the game, i said it once and i say it again, want a full pvp game? remove the mining and indy part, make subscribers able to get any kind of ship for free and the pvp will flow like water. easy solution right? meanwhile the devs keep showing that (their masterpiece) beats any world record with the largest battles seen in any videogame but they dont show the way they are treating a community of ppl that has been so loyal to its game and has endured for so long all the bullshitery that has crossed their lost minds, every person has a limit remember that and you guys are reaching that limit, react now before its too late. 07

PD: i wont reply any stupid answer to my post if it comes from assholes like for example the solace guy who just seems to be a social isolated moron who lives in his won alice and wonderland world where only his word is law and everything else is wrong.


Can you please use paragraphs?


Who read this? :point_up_2:


Deliberately ironic?

I read it.

To translate it into a coherent summary for you is a challenge though.


Nothing new basically:

  • My playstyle is valid cause that’s what a sandbox means.
  • let me make lots of isk
  • CCP tryna make us buy plex for isk.
  • Miners are the ones who make your guns.
  • Change now before it’s too late.
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I read the “PD” and it was amusing enough that I will now take a deep breath and tackle the wall.


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WTS Paragraphs.


Pretty much sums up the state of the game. Everybody just wants more of all things and ISK.

You can find players to go shoot something is usually pretty easy but find players to sit down and do all the work to gather and build everything it isn’t getting any easier for them with these changes. Hence the blue donut holes for alliances to avoid killing each other while they build the stuff they want and then they gotta organize events like WWB just to give everyone else something to do to keep feeling relevant to the game. Which isn’t easy for those PvPers either.

The game has been making players suffer in many ways for a long time and in the end CCP is concerned about profits more than players complaints but they also see the excess of things in the game overtime and how it effects player behavior. That might not be due to the average player and more to do with excess in things like cheating in the game overtime but average players suffer for it all the same just as the changes CCP puts into the game to try and fix those problems. If we can call it that.

Truth is it is hard to roll back players to having less than what they once put so much time and effort into before only to have to try even harder to get less. It sucks but if these changes weren’t needed and the game was harder like it is now we wouldn’t be complaining because that would have been the normal we are used to and it is simply going to have to be the new normal we get used to now.

We can all be wishful in disbelief that these changes are not going to be permanent, that they will change their mind and remove them again in the future, that they won’t continue to make more changes when it becomes too much for players to bear but they will get used to it and CCP isn’t going to go back on what they are committed to changing about the game now.

At the end of the day the game being hard and nothing being easy is what the average player experience is supposed to be in Eve. It doesn’t change the reality of gaining success in Eve online though it does change the expectation that players had before.

It’s a serious problem in modern MMOs that have shifted away from their core values as being severely challenging to being too facilitating for players and as much as anyone wants to argue about it Eve players have simply been spoiled for a long time and those who cheat took full advantage of the conditions available to them and now CCP has no choice but to nerf everybody because they can’t only punish the cheaters who took advantage beyond their own expectations of what average players should be able to do.

There is a lot more to it I know or I don’t but that is my take on it from my own perspective.

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But that’s the thing… they’re not replacing anything.
No one is stopping anyone from doing the same. (within game mechanics ofc)

I don’t know what triglavian bit you in your candy ass …
… but it’s absolutely a non-issue.

The sandbox is getting more alive and not less.
There is no denying in that, and that is all that matters.

No one is being replaced. PvP and PvE are being equalized.
This has been a goal of CCP for … hell, I don’t even remember.
I think it came up the first time eight years ago? Maybe longer?

Those who don’t like that will leave …
… and those who love it will come, or stay.

That’s what they’re doing and it’s great,
because when PvE and PvP are the same,
then there is no distinction and everything is PvP anyway. :slight_smile:

Hell … It’s the first time I actually enjoy shooting NPCs!

You’re barking up an imaginary tree, really.

you do realize that PVP needs PVE. Ill explain…

  1. PVE generates isk, In return That isk is used to buy Ships, Supplies.

  2. Ship builders after selling There ships, buy minerals to build new ships and supplies.

  3. Miners after selling there Minerals, buy ships and supplies

all 3 of those can use there profits for pvp ships.

But lets say for giggles you cut the PVE income in 1/2, that means ship builders sell half as much and miners also sell half as much. then minerals start to stockpile again and those prices start to fall.

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Yet another one … :roll_eyes:
Thanks for your useless explanation.
It adds nothing, but you don’t know that, because you think you’re in the position of someone who can explain instead of ask.

You’re not …
… so i’m turning this around.

Have you been around in the early years of this game …
… or at least in the years before 2012?

yes 2006

So you’re well aware that, back then …
… wealth generation and resource accumulation was much harder than it is today.

So everyone earned less ISK …
… and battleships were seriously expensive and an actual asset to use compared to nowadays.

You’re aware of how cheap PLEX was in terms of numbers
… and how expensive it was in terms of value.

No. The price is being defined by the cost of the minerals, not the other people’s PvE income.
The influx of materials is what defines the price of a vast majority of goods, not the buying power of those who wish to buy.

Manufacturers will rather start selling below market-build-cost than not selling.

When the PvE doesn’t pay well enough to buy manufacturing materials off of the market …
… then people will start mining the resources, instead of buying them.

That doesn’t make them free, of course, but at least they don’t cost ISK!

CCP obviously wants to go back to the earlier days. Unlikely that they wish to recreate the price-landscape from back then,
of course, but that doesn’t change that they want things to have value again, which demands a higher price.

The best way of achieving this is by cutting PvE in half,
because then more people will start building ■■■■ again,
which means more people will be mining,
which means more people will be fighting for resources, because they’re scarce.

The goal is to get people to actually work for their ■■■■ again, like it used to be in the old days.
Being proud of ones first battleship is quite something, especially when you had to mine it yourself!

(@Teckos_Pech I don’t know who else to ping.
Would you help me out with this?
Is this correct or close enough, at least?
JSYK Teckos is an actual economist. )

Now I ask the question:

Why do you think there’s a problem with this?

if PVEer , Builder, Miner earns less they will spend less.

so the market will go to hell, because isk will be short supply and people will rather mine and build there ships you say.

Eve is many things to many ppl. not everyone plays eve the same way.
PVP is a big part of eve but Eve is not PVP only game it is
PVE, mining, marketing, exploration are also a big part of EVE and if you change any of those parts of eve it effects them all.


You didn’t really answer my question …
… but I guess there’s no point in that anyway.

You obviously know better than CCP and everyone else …
… the market goes to hell, killing the game …

… so you might as well give me your stuff, right?

Its just commonsense thinking. if you got $50.00 extra on your pay check you would spend all or some of that on stuff, on the other hand if you got $50.00 pay cut you would have to spend $50.00 less per paycheck. and economically speaking if you spend more the economy benefits as a whole, if you spend less it suffers as a whole.

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Basically, the only people complaining are the people who cannot have enough money.

Yes, it’s only the carebears and farmers complaining …
… and those who got too used to their easy ways of making money.

Like that idiot who quit because he can’t make nine billion ISK per month anymore.

They’ve been screaming doom since Black Out …
… and they don’t care about reality disagreeing with them …
… because in their minds, reality has to bend to what they want.

There should be a rule against behaviour like this.

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Hilariously, the one who doesnt understand basic economic functions admitted mineral prices were up… “…but ore is down!”

What a genius

No, I wouldn’t, because I’m not an idiot, but that’s besides the point.

So can I have your stuff now, or not?
You know it’s not worth keeping it anyway, so why not give it to me?

Are you just a hypocrite who doesn’t believe his own words?
I mean, if you would, you wouldn’t need your stuff anymore anyway … right?

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You are out of your shinny mind, I never said trigl where a problem, only poor designed

Just wait the ESS hype go away then talk again

Exactly my point… a lot of pll will leave… and be y that give you less content.

PvP and pve being the same? there’s no such thing, care to elaborate?

and you are thanking a guy who blow the 4 tires of your car saying that way you are going slower and thus safer.