The status of the game…

That maybe true, economy was messed up, but why such hate for “Krabs” carebears? why can’t you just point your statement without spitting poison?


By claiming that people will quit because of nerfs to PvE, implying that there are a lot of customers who care primarily about PvE.

if the guy is not having fun anymore

But we aren’t talking about fun. The actual experience of doing PvE has not changed, the only nerf has been to the ISK/hour it produces. If you were having fun doing PvE before the nefs you will still have fun doing it now.

Because they’re worthless parasites that suck at EVE and constantly demand nerf after nerf after nerf to anything that could possibly prevent them from “winning EVE” by accumulating the largest possible wallet number. If all of them ragequit it would make EVE a much better game.

Some WILL , didn’t say all.

Yeah isk/hour didn’t got nerfed, it got nerfed to hell, that’s a diff. ppl who spend last say 1-2 hours a day to fund their PvP stuff now will need to do almost the double of that time to have the same income, and if you not a hardcore player y will just don’t do it anymore, so it’s buy isk with credit card or just play something else.


Demanding nerfs just like this one?


It really isn’t. It’s still purely a nerf to ISK/hour, anyone who actually enjoyed PvE still gets to do the exact same fun activity.

ppl who spend last say 1-2 hours a day to fund their PvP stuff now will need to do almost the double of that time to have the same income

Or they’ll have to be smarter about how they get their ISK instead of just farming the same menial content over and over and over again.

Demanding nerfs just like this one?

What does that have to do with anything?

You still don’t get it. Some ppl DONT ENJOY pve, they do it cause they use that means to fund his other activities.

or just realise grinding 2+x hours to fund the activity they like is just not worth doing anymore cause if RL stuff.[quote=“Merin_Ryskin, post:117, topic:281067”]

Demanding nerfs just like this one?

What does that have to do with anything?

Sorry about that one wrong quote


Oh, I’m well aware of this fact. But the smart ones will figure out new opportunities and continue to win, the only losers are the people who are incapable of anything but menial farming in safe space (preferably with bots).

I don’t think so and again I do not believe this is only about profits and definitely not about retaining players who might leave the game otherwise. They have done plenty of nerfs to income in recent years and it hasn’t had any significant effect on the player count despite a lot of statements in protest claiming as much on the forums.

It isn’t about the price of PLEX either but simply keeping a balance between the producers and consumers of PLEX in the game which is directly related to how much wealth players gain whether that means buying more PLEX with ISK than is bought directly from CCP with real money or having no need to buy PLEX from CCP because it is easier for players to produce ISK to gain PLEX instead.

This doesn’t even include diving into the effects on game play itself when players have too much wealth income in general. I am sure there is much that can and has already been said about that in many other topics on the forum’s history.

CCP isn’t on the ropes for finding ways to make a profit out of this game and in some ways it could be a benefit to both CCP, players and the game itself if there were less players in some context.

That is just my opinion and I can only divulge into speculation about CCP’s true intentions.

Oh dear you don’t know what you taking about. Theese changes impact 0 at bots, just to players like allways,and they stated themselves those changes have nothing to do about botting.


You sir, are a very angry many lol… got some valid points, but the way you come off is super bitter and fanboi-ish. Just saying.


It has had a few peaks. Which is more than what it was doing.

The distance between production vs destruction is also undeniably closer than what it was.

And that’s the goal here.

I imagine some will leave, but these players are making eve worse not better. They are the ones providing disproportionate amounts of wealth to the economy and very little destruction.

Their loss might be a good thing. Maybe even a cultural reset that eve badly needs.

The truth is, nerfing pvp never brought more players and nerfing income hasn’t hurt retention either. Blackout is the only thing that had any significant impact of log in numbers. And that made things difficult for both ratters and hunters.

according to whom? ccp said that ever?


guess what theese changes will be similar just wait till the “oh! ees is nice” hype go away and watch

No i said it. Just there.

Who’s quitting that isn’t a disproportionate farmer?

You guys should make t-shirts.

Instead of saying this for the 1000th time you can save time by pointing to your chest.

woah! didnt know y had more data and more power to change the game than CCP! awesome!

just like the t-shirts you guys ill have after, when y have no content around!!!

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Because of the decline in production which long predates these changes…nice try though


The shirt should say:

“Eve: I came for exciting space combat, but I stayed for the farming.”

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So you agree, producers are leaving and not destroyers?

Say the word kid in any context and watch the reports fly in.