The status of the game…

Right phylum, wrong subphylum; but close enough.


Carebears have cried this game into the dumpster.

And yet, according to the MER, conflict (aka destruction) hasn’t increased. Why is that exactly?

CCP’s plan doesn’t appear to be working. Well other than putting upward pressure on prices (except for ore) and forcing changes in gameplay for small groups. That part is working fine.


Twice in one paragraph with the famous word “eventually.”

The last MER showed an upward trend in destruction.

Destruction is solidly inside of its long term range.

To put a finer point on it, isk in game increased by 18 trillion in October to 1364 trillion. In that same month, total destruction was well south of 1.5 trillion and production was right around 3 trillion. Simply no way no how this matters unless and until either there is massive (a thousand percent or so) inflation or isk generation drops materially (say 15 to 20% or so). Maybe MESS will make that happen…but it’s the scope of faucets that need to be reduced versus increased destruction. The numbers aren’t even in the same zip code.

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I accept the compliment …
… I think.


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Wrong, if they nerf PVE too much they will lose a lot of the players to other games, and their income will drop no matter the price of plex


Yeah just like this one from you


That would be begging CCP to pull the game back OUT of the dumpster.

No , that is just crypost #9999 to make your job easier

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No it’s begging CCP to pull the game back OUT of the dumpster…

You’re just boiling it down to a cry post so you don’t have to embarrass yourself by stating your ignorant and short-sighted opinion and thus having to defend it.

You should be embarrassed it’s your crypost not mine

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Yes. That’s intentional.
Slowly, but steadily.

There’s new PvE coming, which is unlike the PvE everyone knows.
Burners, Drifters, Lancers,FOBs, Triglavians, EDENCOM, the happenings in the Pochven systems … that’s all new, different PvE.

And I believe that the Proving Ground Arenas are being used to train AI to compete with players!
It makes sense! It would be totally doable that way!

Missions will eventually be replaced and a LOT of the current crop of carebears won’t like it.

CCP knows that.
Of course they know that!

CCP has spent a whole year, so far, kicking carebears and farmers into their balls.
A whole year! Just look at all the releases! They’ve nerfed farming and even trading, HARD!

And what do the log-in numbers say?

They didn’t drop at all!

So now take this matter of fact and digest it slowly:

Despite all the changes, over the last year, nerfing farming and wealth generation ...

… overall player count didn’t drop a single ■■■■■■■ bit. No. IT WENT UP!

NOW someone jumps in and calls “CORONA!” but that’s literally dumb
because all these people could be playing any other game

but they’re not!

The safe conclusion is not only that CCP doesn’t give a ■■■■ about these people you claim will be leaving …
… but also that it doesn’t ■■■■■■■ matter.

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All of them somewhat broken or unfinished, not mentioning missions that looks like it’s abandoned for many years.[quote=“Solstice_Projekt, post:104, topic:281067”]

And I believe that the Proving Ground Arenas are being used to train AI to compete with players!
It makes sense! It would be totally doable that way!

Yeah more NPCs to make the role of players is awesome to a sandbox game !

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Yes, it is.
It makes the sandbox feel more alive.

If you prefer pseudo sandboxes with weak NPCs …
… and all the other restrictions EVE doesn’t have …
… then you can play literally any of the other games.

No one’s going to miss you.

No it doesn’t, that’s why sandbox is great, because PLAYERS are the content.

Sorry to disappoint you, I’m going no where, and about NPCs, it’s not about how they are strong or hard to kill, bit if they are taking the place of players. an experienced and hardcore pure eve player like you should know that by now.


Unlikely. The people who ragequit over PvE nerfs add nothing to the game, and every player that quits opens up new opportunities for other players to exploit. If all of the easy-mode PvE “players” quit it would just make the game more appealing for the people who belong in EVE.

But wait, I thought you just said that PvE is important? Now you don’t want NPCs to be relevant?

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Man hush carebears have been getting WAY too many buffs for like 10 years. Now in the last year or so they’re finally getting nerfed back to balanced (WAY too late, the damage to the economy is already done).

Not to mention CCP has nerfed basically every form of emergent gameplay to the point of extinction to the benefit of these carebear nerds.

Honestly these aren’t even real nerfs, they’re entitlement checks.

And where I stated that exactly?[quote=“Merin_Ryskin, post:108, topic:281067”]
Unlikely. The people who ragequit over PvE

Not over PVE but just some play it casual, even doing pve AND PvP. if the guy is not having fun anymore yeah he will quit and it’s not a regequit. That is when you lose your blingy stuff prolly for own stupidity, two diff concepts