The status of the game…

well it could be the combination of roving NPC mining fleets chewing up the rocks that are dropping with scarcity… it could also be that the folks who hate PVP are able to see a trend and go, ‘well, hell, that isn’t a good sign’…
the ones who are very pro combat see roving dangerous NPCs and go “nope, I’m out, I’ll go look for a soft target instead”

Replying to a question about validity with a self-made confirmation, no proof and prejorative comments.

Begone troll.


perhaps you should show that something is so, before claiming it’s happening, hmm?

So, a recurring misconception I see from people is that Plex is bad for CCP, and that removing people who farm ISK to Plex accounts is good for their bottom line.

This simply isn’t true for one very simple reason that these people continuously have a serious logic failure with: every single Plex in the game is only brought into existence with real world money. All people who Plex to play consume those Plex and they cease to exist in the game. So while a Plex consumer didn’t pay IRL money, someone else did.
CCP also doesn’t want people to stop consuming Plex - if no one consumes them, then demand plummets, and Plex creators don’t want to purchase them or sell the ones they have, unless they’re desperate for ISK, bad traders, or both.

What CCP is trying to push is for the insane amounts of wealth that a few players have to be whittled down a bit. Titans are supposed to be actual strategic assets, not ships of the line.

Also, High sec was never supposed to be the land of carebears and unicorn farts, but more like trade havens and training wheels. AFK activities that generate ISK were never healthy or intended; as it encourages low effort botting and RMT. The game should be fun and engaging, no matter what space a player is in, or activity they’re doing.

Lowering ISK payouts in null sec is a long time coming. Frankly I feel that all automatic bounties should be completely removed, and income be solely what you pick up in loot and salvage. Then the values of mods and salvage can increase, to make up for it - right now most people don’t even bother with loot other than faction or officer, the rest is trash that you leave for scavs.

Having trade made a little more difficult also makes it so that the glut in materials that currently exists - which enables things like titans being ships of the line - is lowered by piracy whether PvE or PvP.

In the end, the core concept of EvE had been and always will be conflict. That is why high sec isn’t the same as world of wank towns, where you’re 100% safe. Instead, the conflict is still allowed, but the aggressor is punished - either by loss of a ship, or by loss of ISK from WarDec.

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That’s way oversimplified, and wrong to boot.

I would argue that the vast majority of PvP biased players would agree that miners, industrialists etc are partaking of valid gameplay.

The people that they object to are those who believe that they should be able to pursue those activities without risk; and that CCP should make it so.


Uuuh you know that when they buy Plex CCP gets money too right?


I mean, there is one tiny minor small issue with what you’re saying, CCP actually makes more money from PLEX than they do from the sale of subscriptions, they actually lose income if they force everyone to pay a sub for omega instead of paying with PLEX, so yeah, you need to rethink this

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But they DO earn more if they nerf income to hell, as many ppl are credit card warriors and will just buy Plex to turn into isk

Its just that they have more money than time they are willing to spend grinding.

Yeah no change to my point. If you need to grind 10x more to get the shiny ships y need( PvP included)lot of folks will just buy Plex and turn into isk. how hard is this to realise?

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Who doesn’t realise?

There’s no problem with this at all.
It’s been happening ever since PLEX got introduced.

There will always be lots of people not willing to spend money.
They can put the work into it, like they always have.

They might need to diversify, though.

I mean a lot of ppl don’t still, as they keep saying Plex will reduce CCP income.

Aren’t those the same people who complain about CCP reducing their in-game income?

The …
… you know …
… idiots?

Depends how you look at it.

Players need to spend real money on PLEX from CCP to pay for the PLEX. Then other players pay those players in ISK for the PLEX they bought. The only benefit players paying ISK gives to CCP is keeping the value of PLEX high enough in game to give incentive for players to continue buying PLEX from CCP.

However if you have too many players buying PLEX with ISK because they have more in game wealth than desire to spend real money what will happen is you will have less PLEX being introduced and more of it being bought up with ISK on average. Leading to a shortage and price gouge on a runaway effect that gets worse and worse as it keeps going on overtime.

While PLEX is always increasingly bought more with ISK it is not guaranteed that players will buy more PLEX with real money just because of this higher value. The more wealth players have in game the less PLEX will be bought with real money overtime just as a cause of more players gaining the ability to spend ISK instead.

Which ultimately leads to less and less PLEX being bought with real money from CCP and this all really explains why there is so little PLEX in game and it has such a high value. Now CCP needs to keep throwing out sales and discounts just to get players to buy anymore PLEX more than the over inflated value of PLEX being worth paying real money for.

This is why the price is always on the rise, which doesn’t benefit players paying ISK either. Anytime there is a sale it only temporarily lowers prices until wealthy players buy up all that lower value PLEX and again it begins to rise in price as shortage continues.

These investors do this because they know there is no continuous flow of PLEX into the game and they will always profit off the mass purchase of PLEX at any value lower then it currently is. They will hold onto it for years until they can sell it again. Because no matter what any boost in PLEX supply is temporary while demand is always growing the more ISK players use to consume PLEX.

This is why it is important to nerf income in game because ultimately too much ISK leads to less PLEX being bought with real money and more of it being bought with ISK only. Even if PLEX continues to be worth more and more any player who can still make the extra ISK to pay for it won’t be spending real money on PLEX.

They literally run their wallets dry the more PLEX they buy with ISK, the more ISK they will keep paying for PLEX on average. The similar model explains why PLEX continues to rise even though skill trading continues to fall.

Players keep producing more Injectors even though the price of them is now untenable because they assume one day someone will buy them up if they are cheap enough and again they can be sold for a profit but it won’t be up to regular players to consume that extra supply while there are so many faucets for SP being introduced into the game for players to profit off of instead of consuming.

Some wealthy trader will just have to buy them all up someday and horde them until the prices match their value for the PLEX being bought to produce them and then they can become profitable again but they are probably waiting for those extra SP faucets to be shut off (daily giveaways, skilling spree) before they do that because they know players won’t be buying up that extra supply of SP while all players are being passively given so much more and the price will only continue to fall the longer this course runs.

At this moment that extra 150k SP per month is only just barely covering the loss compared to the current cost of PLEX vs Injectors but really you are still paying for that extra 150k SP with the additional cost in ISK for PLEX so you only lose overtime unless you are banking it for later profits.

They can either shut off the SP faucet to increase it’s value as supply is consumed or add more sales to increase PLEX production and lower it’s cost there. However one will have a more permanent effect than the other more temporary measure.

I don’t think they will because making PLEX unprofitable for selling SP will shut off another source of passive income for everyone and they can wait for players with too much ISK to eventually buy up that extra supply of cheaper SP themselves.

It should work because many players buy PLEX for Omega training time on accounts they are waiting to train the skills they want to use them with. Once it becomes cheaper to buy Injectors than pay for Omega time they will just begin to consume injectors rather than spending more ISK to wait longer for less SP and this should also take some stress off PLEX demands for that purpose.

In a transitional period, or depending what activity you will do in future, we have to remember that everything changes.

If CCP will keep nerfing into infinity, faster than market will react, they will find themselves and players in a strange point gradually, where people will see the pointlessness of whole thing. This thread is only one reaction that can be more common in future.

Do you realize that the prices including that of PLEX is set by a player run market, and that CCP has very little influence on how this things are valued.

If they decrease the inflow of ISK by slashing bounties and deflate the money, PLEX prices will drop eventually. If they reduce loot or minerals, supply and demand will correct for the price eventually.

All this is doing is create some obvious opportunities for people who don’t just cry in a corner but act on it to get potentially space rich.

But whatever, keep informing us about those conspiracies, you of all people miraculously uncovered. Itŝ always easier to create a narrative in your head where others are to blame, than to accept that the real issue at hand is your own shortcomings.

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