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ZBeing a wholly new Alpha newbro, I’ve come to the point of trying the 20 ship challenge. My posts will be a weekly news cap, as my RL I sometimes can’t post daily. As part of my quest to become a better PVP pilot, and learn all I can about various ships, and tactics, I decided to limit my per frigate budget to 2M isk. I am also an Alpha nooB, and have not maxed my skill points yet.

So in reading suggestions on where to go, it seems that lowsec is the place for me. In Jita market, I purchased 12 frigates, and various equipment that I think I would need. My two types are the Merlin, and the Incursus. Making them scram kit fits with MWD.

My first night, went to Tama. I lost 3 ships to some very speedy high tech frigates, who conveniently were camping just inside the gate at a novice Plex. So much for 1v1 ! I soon found out what a Garmur and a Slicer were. They pointed me fast and at kiting range. Not knowing better, I tried heat my MWD and close range. No good, as they were too fast. At least I was able to get a target lock. Then they were through playing with their food, and after 3-4 volleys, ate through my defense and prodded me, sending my hapless clone back to Medical bay.

In reflecting back on the night, I learned a few things - these 2 ships are no joke! Try to get away. If can’t get away, turn the other way, and make them chase. I also learned that if you can’t close in, make them by fitting something like a TD. Then maybe I might have a chance to scram or web them!

Then last night I lost 2 Merlin’s. The first loss came I was came from high to lowsec into Tama. Was totally caught off guard, as beknownst to me there was aN Incursion going on from Sansha Vaguard. 5 ships in al, including cruisers and up ambushed me at the gate. I was pointed so I maneuver to get some scram distance, webbed and TD on the closest ship and was able to damage its shield by about 50%. But trouble from his mates caught up, and they took me out before I could maneuver away. My capsule made it back tomHme station, where I immediately set to my next Merlin.

This time was a bit different. As I came through the gate into Tama, the first things I did was warp to a station nearby, so I could get a better lay of the space. It didn’t take long before flashies appeared on my Overview - they were gate camping. Yes 4 ships, that at the time I had not clue what they were, but figured that because of this they were big bads. They included a Legion, Auguror (sp?), and a Matar Interceptor. I flew around for a while, checking out some nearby asteroids, and decided to go to loot my previous wreck. Bad idea, as I was too slow. Just as I looted, the interceptor pointed me, preventing me from warping away with my loot. At first, my shields weren’t damaged too bad, but then got hit with heavy lasers. I tried in vain to distance, but was held in check. In hindsight, I am not sure what the best way to handle this? My only thought as I write this, Is maybe I should have tried to go inside snuggly close and orbit the legion at 500meters, and then try to take out the interceptor? If anyone has suggestions, that would be great. How do I escape after being pointed?

Until next post.

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