The summer has passed, but Eve has not returned to 40,000 concurent users

WHY ??


Look at latest EVE development and you know.


because you live on the other side of the pancake, obviously.


Always hated crowded games …

That’s rhetorical, right?

You couldn’t be so dumb as to not already know the answer.

Could bang on and on about the game getting ‘worse’ or whatever, truth is people are unsubbing their alts and losing interest. By this point 96% of all people who ever tried EVE have quit the game. The devs lack the money and/or interest to make EVE bigger or better. It’s probably about time they started trimming the dead systems that no one ever visits. Compressing space a bit will alleviate the ennui pvpers suffer when roaming and more ships dying means better profits for industrialists.

As the game gets smaller in population the absolute wasteland of empty space will eat away at the people who are left. There’s a reason why deserts are empty.


Wrong summer.
Try again in September.


Well atleast looking at the 5 year graph it doesnt seem to be dying but stagnating yes. They just need some major content updates and I feel like that would revitalize the game. The notion that they’re not making enough money for development is garbage at best. They’re making far more money now than they were 5-10 years ago. The same people who had accounts with alts still have those accounts and alts omega status and low they’re buying plex as well.


I’m the one! Subbed all this 6 years and also bought PLEX. The time is over!
The game have huge potential but it’s not going to be used.

I have renamed eve launcher to ”Carebears Online“, Timerz edition.


I very much doubt that. Their peak income that I’ve seen was 2012ish. I don’t believe it has ever gone back to that level.

Player activity is down despite going free2play as well. So it looks like older former omegas are using alphas to play whilst unsubbing.


They make good money with EvE, but this money is going to other projects like this new not yet announced MMO they are hiring staff for.

EvE is their cash cow, not their growth product, they invest only the minimum to keep the lights on, and the profits rolling.


its 1 thing for other MMOs to easily get crowded, but with eve we can use more people, because a lot of space out there is empty.

I myself live off in dead areas where i hardly see anyone minus multi boxer, a bot, and some people passing by.

now if only people would stop trying to treat eve like is was Single Player.


Do you mean “stop”? Because most of what I’m seeing, most people really treat it like a single player game.

yeah thats my bad. stand corrected

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When you realize that Eve’s biggest problem is having to go through fatal funnels we call “gates”.

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Post 16 and it’s still winter.


The worst thing is that you are absolutely right, you are the winner and the ccp is a loser :unamused:

Nono. The thing about summer, which you are talking about, is about the european/US summer. Here, in the northern hemisphere, we still have winter.

Where do you live in the southern one?

I always wondered the same.
Usually it is:

  • summer: people going to vacations
  • fall: students are busy
  • winter (especially around Xmas): people spend time with their families
  • Spring: students are busy again

Basically every season is too busy for EvE players to be online. So you should not expect full servers.

The only question is: why couple years back we had more players online?


I can’t speak for why pve players quit. I think CCP should have that figured out by now.

I can tell you that I personally knew dozens of people who stopped playing with each of the nerfs to PvP:
Late 2011-early 2012: profession system PvP goes petitionable.
May 2012- wardecs go to 25 mil to start, allies free guarantees every aggression is met by fighting marmites.
Dec 2012- crimewatch drives can flippers out almost 100%
Can’t remember when the watch list went away and eliminated hunting.
Now dec 2018- war mechanics changed so no highsec Corp ever needs have PvP inflicted on it—- structure bashing remains

Literally, my entire rich game community quit playing.

Entire alliances just unsubbed and left.

I don’t know about the carebears, they never seem to have shown up to replace us PvP bad guys… but I know we all left.

How many of us were there? Was our retention better back then?