The summer has passed, but Eve has not returned to 40,000 concurent users

I suspect it’s a combination of boredom and new games available.
The boredom because they are looking to CCP to provide the ‘content’.

Although there have been those who lamented the lack of danger:

After 8½ years, since it’s nigh on impossible to get killed around here, the number of deaths this poor little highsec carebear has accrued over that time is nothing short of pathetic, and here, at the end of all things, that situation needs to be remedied.

and determined to go out with a bang.


Ah Tippia; the logic bomber.

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What if it’s the opposite ? What if removing space make people leave because they don’t like it ?

I mean, if you remove all space you are 100% sure less people will play. What is the correct amount of space to have an optimal growth ?

Is there some credible source you can cited regarding their profits for the years you listed. To say I’m skeptical that they made more money before plex… I’d seriously doubt it.

No idea if he will go into that question, but that is a seriously unhealthy thing to ask on these forums. Particularly since CCP no longer carries requirement to publish fiscal and financial statements, even more so because their customers still manage to get the reports. It has to be frustrating, to say the least.

On top of that, for many (and some good) reasons CCP tend to strongly react to that kind of exploration here. Just don’t do it here.

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The records are viewable by the public. You just have to ask whomever the authority is and they will send you stuff for a price (a few quid). So there are people out there already doing this.

(it’s a law in Iceland)


Depends what you consider credible. This guy takes a look at CCP’s reports. CCP used to post their statements on their website but i couldn’t find them with a quick search. Instead i managed to find 2013/12 here.

I don’t remember when dust came out but I’m confident it makes up little of that 76mil.

I didn’t see that in 2016 the income of ccp was 86mil. But bear in mind that includes sales of valkyrie and gunjack that were new at the time. I don’t have the impression the sales for these stayed this high, and playerbase of eve has only shrunk since 2016 as well.

That’s why i have my doubts these last few years are doing better money wise than 5-10 years ago. Unless eve-mobile explodes…

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Last time I checked (May 2018), highsec system population count was down by 40% and Spanish language chat channel population count was down by 30% compared to what they were before Rubicon.

CCP prioritized the “space colonization” theme with Rubicon, and left behind the crowd who never paid for that. And that crowd was large enough to make EVE bend its knees now that they’re gone.

And this is just going to get worse. EVE requires a constant iflux of new blood to stay alive, and PvP is not the hook for that new blood. It never was (before Incarna, less than 25% of the new players mentioned PvP as a reason to join EVE. Let that sink in) and certainly now that there’s plentyful competition it isn’t.

For years after Incarna, EVE has suffered the same flaw: Why should anyone play EVE Online in 2019 if they didn’t did so the years before? What’s new for the new players?

Answer that, and you will answer what’s like the demography future of EVE Online.

(Mind you that Abyssal space has been a fiasco for CCP. They designed it to be the Next Big Thing and has become a niche within a niche. No, CCP never said it was a big thing and they had big hopes for it. But it was the largest content expansion in years (new space, new graphics, new ships, new skills, new matherials, new weapons, new mechanics and even new PvP) and yet it’s being used by about 3% of the player base)


Can you link this?

25% is a lot btw. What were the other reasons?

It’s widely understood that big pvp battles had been the main attraction for new players for the majority of eves existence. So of course I’m curious.


Publish no, but they still have to report it to the Iceland government, at least that was the thing back in 2017. :smirk:

Because you are not talking about Eve Online in your school or place of business. And that is mostly because you’d have to fabricate some lie so they don’t find out what you actually do in game and on the forums and frown. :wink:

I’m trying hard to get new and returning players back in. Even with alpha it is very hard. So price is not an issue with this game, community is.

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I think the High-sec empires should push into null space and take over the systems not being used and create a shed load of high-sec islands out in null shake things up a bit. Also give the empires the new jump bridge technology so we can just jump straight out there ooooh now that would really shake it all up.

honestly, who the feck logs into eve offline before they log into EVE online.

you number watchers have little to do and lots of time to do it.

plus lets not forget the op assumption of summer everywhere at the same time.

play the game, have fun, nothing lasts forever but while it does last, enjoy it. o7

100km spheres can’t be next big thing if they expected it to be…CCP contact me I have a Badger dreadnought to sell you in high sec.

No more shortcuts either they will invest heavily on PVE side or they can expect 3% success for ever.
And just how much of funds was sinked in PVE development in this game …well take a look at missions and you have your answer the very thing most all new players will interact is a part of EVE devs won’t touch with other ppl keyboard.

There’s nothing to link, just my personal observation of the local count in the highsec systems I used to roam. Same for the chat channel head count.

As for the PvP, it was from a multiple choice poll, with 25% of new players checking PvP as one of the reasons why they started playing EVE.

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Well, the time and effort invested was huge, but the whole ting was flawed from inception: CCP made the feature for the kind of PvE players they would like to have, not the ones they have.

The thing is, if CCP understood PvE, they would never have approved the Rubicon plan the way it was implemented, because it was suicidal. They were giving up on 40% of their players to please 10% of them. With a caveat: the favored ones also leave when they run out of players to prey on, an that’s exactly what’s beginning to happen now.

What can CCP do for PvE in 2019? Nothing. I am on the far edge of the normal distribution of PvErs. I am a lot more stubborn (i.e. I lasted a lot longer than average) and I am more invested (i.e. I am more willing to come back to EVE) and yet I’ve given up. Nothing CCP can realistically implement could make me come back at this point.

It’s too late and CCP has messed up too hard for too long, and EVE will shut down around november 2021 no matter what CCP does with it.

(this might change if some of their side gigs turns serious profit and they can invest it back on EVE, but chances are extremely low)


That’s debatable AI used is modded Mining fleet AI that is around for years and than slap some fresh wallpaper in background using oversized asset that was existing since game launch.

While time and effort can be murderous for two sad souls doing it it certainly is much more manageable for 10 sad souls hence what i was talking about investment in this game PVE vs this game PVP is miserable at best and completely minuscule in scope.


Not true if they invest it in same failure as citadels nothing will change.

Remember guys it was wars that was seriously effecting the player retention/count.

Still waiting for the massive influx since the fix


Well it seems to be the same it was a few years ago. Around 70%.

70% or so of the game’s population plays in hisec.


They’ve poured a lot of resources into new pve content over the past five years. Drifters, new ai, events every few months, roaming npcs, mining fleets, fob’s, abyss space, resource wars…not one of them has improved player retention.

But, as mentioned above, every time ccp nerf wardecs or other hi-sec pvp, player activity goes down, and it’s happening again after the December changes. Go figure.


And done ALL WRONG. They just do not understand PVE “kind of people” and PVE at all, I think they do not understand basic MMO game mechanic, and missed all goals, just spend time and resources for nothing.


If they can’t understand pve people and they fail so often.

Why not play a few hands in favor of the rabid hordes of PvP players who used to run this game.

We aren’t likeable and no other mmo wanted us.

Give us a home. All it takes to retain us is freedom to interact and squabble and fight.

CCP used to know how to retain us. And we know how to make the kind of stories that made Eve famous.