The tatoural needs a revamp again

it needs something to show that eve have PVP not sure how that would work but they need to make that something the new player that PVP takes place and is major in the game

EVE has been a PVP game for 20 years. Everyone knows this…


the tutorial is a bit too much of a rail-road that drops you off the edge of a cliff into the game.

WIth the drifter incursion stuff gone, the thematic introduction with the drifter attack…probably needs to get revamped to something more generic (easy and low-effort option), or updated with each major path to stay thematic (harder and more labor-intensive option).

I’d probably push to keep the game play styles broken out into their own segments with the career quests (IMHO this should start with a 1-week expert systems in that career at the begining of the quest chain to really get a better feel of how things would work), but the very basics of using the camera, moving the ship, activating modules, etc. should stay in the generic intro quest, but those could also use a bit of TLC as it’s sort of unwieldy and jarring, with a dramatic change from Aura whining at you constantly to only ever hearing that voice when you turn on autopilot.

Not a bad idea. Have proving grounds for new players that don’t result in a KM maybe. Encourage them to shoot each other in the rookie systems. Of course, people like Twix would go there just to feel better about themselves, so there’d have to a mechanic to limit it to actual rookies. PvP is great fun, not to be confused with ganking.



I agree.

They should make you gank another player :smiley:


Almost 20 yrs later and eve is still hard to learn.

Gives me hope.


Except the crybear entitled behavior of our newest generation doesn’t like it because EvE doesn’t hand out participation prizes for doing absolutely nothing.

This is why [Redacted] is hell bent on removing pvp and anything remotely hard in this game. It just doesn’t stroke their fragile egos.

Now there are the few exceptional outliers within this generation that haven’t been raised this way and know the value of fortitude and sticking with it even when it’s hard instead of crying and expecting mummy and daddy to dumb it down for them.

Unfortunately its a tsunami of entitlement vs a trickle of those that know the value of hardship and hardwork.

I, unfortunately, don’t see the folks at CCP standing up to those entitled folks and instead dumbing the game down for them.

Sad really.

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It was inevitable.

What I did learn from the game is now I have enough rl self confidence to attack a rl co with competition. :smirk:

Something the zoomers will never understand.

Why bother revamping the tutorial when most players that I deal with every single day in Rookie Help just skip it and instead go straight to asking a thousand questions…

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true that

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