The World of Warcraft way

Porting mission objectives into the cargo bay, while 90% of the enemies are still alive? Seriously CCP? You are going down the line, which basically destroyed WoW? Instant gratification without effort?

I thought PVE was the prequel to PVP in Eve? PVP wihtout effort is the next step?

Hurf blurf

It’s almost like it’s a newbie mission arc you are complaining about that also had serious issues with griefers stealing from newbies.

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Exactly that.

I’m all for the open world PVP sandbox and “no one is innocent”, at the same time newbies doing newbie tutorials (which the SOE storyline is part of, realistically) should NOT be easy&obvious targets for people to ■■■■ with. It’s akin to the “don’t ■■■■ with less than 30 day old newbies in starter&career systems” which I fully agree to.

Specifically targeting true newbies is terrible, it’s the result of having really low self esteem combined with some severe character faults.

As a side note I tend to help people if they have issues with Kritsan or Dagan, first with making sure they have a good ship and fit for their SP and wallet but if it turns out that right now it’s just not going to happen I’ll hop over and help them kill it. Many times Kritsan will spawn in MY cargo hold, not sure if this is only because I’m fleeted with them or if it’s always the case. Either way it should probably be changed to have him always spawn in the mission owner’s cargo.

OP should stop whining and stop targeting 3 day old newbies. It’s terrible.


Yes, time for Eve Classic.

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This is low effort bait.

Well, actually, PvE is mostly here to support PvP. It’s not here to be the first step to doing PvP, it’s a separate journey all together.

I don’t know if you know this, but ships and modules are made from PvE. This is what it means to support PvP. If no one researches, invents, mines, builds, and sells thing through PvE avenues, then we cannot PvP.

The same is true for the large scale conflict, which is all driven by PvE such as taking space or territory. Sure, the act of “taking” space happens through PvP conflict. But that conflict is encouraged through the need to PvE (e.g.: mine, rat, farm the space for ISK).

Both styles of game play (PvE and PvP) need to work together to complete the circle of EVE.

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No! No EVE Classic! Only EVE Vanilla or maybe - MAYBE - EVE 8.1! ONLY THESE!!!

It’s the ciiiiirrrrrr-kell of EEEEEEEVVEEEEEE… with things and stuuuuuffffff… the cir-cllllllle of-ah EEEEVVVVVEEEEE-AAHHHH where people do thiiiiiinnnnnnnngggsssssss in-ah spayyyyyyyy-sssssssssss… do-be-do-be-dooooooooo tra-la-la-laaaaaaaaaaa… camera zooms in for full-screen close-up of singer looking kinda smug while last notes fade out

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Dude, calm down.

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You’re right. I got carried away and I let myself down. Thank you.


That’s covered by the Rookie Griefing policy:


Such griefing involves but is not limited to; destroying, stealing or ransoming mission critical items.

So if it is happening and you know about it, help the rookies report it.

The OP might not be talking about “newbie missions”

There is several Lv4 missions that does now, so if your a mission runner…you blap the item holding target as quickly as possible these days then clear the room for loot and salvage if you are not blitzing

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Will the noob have the awareness to take the theif’s name? Even though the thief’s suspect in local, by the time the noob understands what’s happened and asked for help he could have left system or logged.

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Closed at Op’s Request