The test server cannot log in

My two game accounts can enter the official server to play the game, but they cannot enter the test server. Before this, my test server tested well.
It took me 4 hours to uninstall the game and re-download and install it, but the problem was not solved. I think it is not a problem with the computer system. I hope you can help me to check and solve it.
Below are my two login accounts
When you log in
Game client assigned to (account)has closed unexpectedly.

There is a specialized test ongoing in Sisi right now for a different launcher in support of playtesting the new native mac client. You can find more info here:
Native Mac Client Playtest - General Feedback
Native Mac Client Playtest - Known Issues

You’ll need to make sure you have the absolute latest launcher version to connect to Sisi right now.

If you are using a Mac, you must be on MacOS 10.15 or higher (Catalina or Big Sur) to connect to Sisi during this week-long test phase. At the end of the test phase, the launcher will go back to allowing all supported MacOS versions to connect via Wine as usual.

Same here, since few days now, i cant login and i see the message “Game client assigned to (account)has closed unexpectedly.” Before i used sisi regulary with only one of my accounts. Im on a windows systeem so no mac issues here.

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