The thrill of Interdictors

I tend to play this game for two months out of the year (over the past 5+ years).

Every time I resubscribe it’s to sate my hunger to fly an interdictor.



(obviously the drive to drop bubbles is once again becoming irresistible, otherwise I wouldn’t be making this thread)


Let’s see, an Interdictor basically stops ships from moving, right?

Soo, basically you have a hidden desire to stop everything around you. As for making bubbles, that may have something to do with taking a bath.

You do know the game experience is much better if you play the game more than just 2 months out of the year, right?

Anyway, welcome back to Eve.


Welcome back again!

And let there be bubbles.

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He’s probably a West Ham supporter.

Speaking of ham and west, what does the left butt cheek say to the right butt cheek? … If we stick together, then we can stop the ■■■■!

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