Why I explore in interceptors :D


I mostly explore in interceptors. Didnt think about this until recently but its so chill because you got that sweet insta align and bubble immunity so can cruise through null sec with relative ease. Talk more about this and demonstrate it here:

People do this for 8 years now, or about that time when ceptors got bubble immune.


:red_circle: And a cherrypicker, too. Great stuff, teaching the good things.

@Zhalyd_Lyehin this is your papi speaking why are you so negative I teach better you this! That man never has made you pain I am sure he is a very gentle man maybe you can make becoming friends with him. mr facey much deservings of your respect making contribute many helpings to the neighborhood capsuleer. Fly that man with learn from and many joy together a team as one love papi xoxo

@Forum_Trolls_Papi Ah! A new game. Try and figure out who this is that recently got banned?

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@MB_ThePhotographer, who’s your Papi?

Sadly, my “Papi” quit a long time ago.

@Xeux why are you such a downer
@MB_ThePhotographer my condolences, please pardon my daughter :frowning_face:

I will adopt you as one of my own children, a son of House Martok Forum Troll

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What did I say?

plz stick 2 thread i teach better u this!!


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Real men explore in T1 destroyers.

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