The Treason of Peace Talks

We all know these kind of people. They want “peace” between the factions. They say they won’t fight because they’re hoping to solve things by talking. On and on they drone. Completely delusional to reality.

There is no reasoning with filth! We likely could get further along trying to bring the Serpentis back into the light, than the State tyrants! When you can’t even recognize basic human dignities, you clearly aren’t anything more than an animal as well. And animals can do peace talks.

It’s time to awaken to reality! To long the Federation has tried being compassionate to the State and Empire. We have tried treating them with dignity and respect they do not understand. But it doesn’t work.

Yet there are still those who insist on it! They have become so lazy and complacent, they accept the murder of our innocent as acceptable. Worse yet, they profit from their ties with the enemy! They are warmonger, generating isk from the blood of children! These people need to be hunted just as much as the State they so desperately aim to please.

So the next time you hear someone talk about peace, call them out! Call out their lies and blood profits! Mark them a target for everyone loyal to freedom and stability! And do something! It’s not enough to just demand justice. We must act to give it to all! The first into battle may face the more danger, but their courage can inspire a tsunami behind them. Sick of this criminal apathy that has clung to our people for far too long.


Not all fights need to be fought with violence, though most do. That doesn’t mean trying to find those that don’t is a fools errand. It is simply saving resources for those fights that do require violence.

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The Federation knows no compassion, the Federation knows no dignity.
They’re just self-righteous pricks, that want to dominate those who don’t want to be subjugated by Federal unfair rule.

The only peace shall be acceptable when the Federation will sign the FULL and UNCONDITIONAL surrender.

Federation freedom-obsessed fanatics are the warmongers, who starts the war. They ram peace conference stations with nyxes, they bombard planets that don’t want to be oppressed by gallentean hegemony, they dare to dictate rules to nations outside their border.

The Federation is the main threat to the civilized world in our Cluster and must be destroyed.

Well ■■■■ you too!


A couple of thoughts:

  1. Have you considered that what you are proposing is the kind of imperialist attitude you claim to oppose in the Empire, and the State clearly remembers being present in the Federation during their initial secession? That you justify their belief that you are bloodthirsty monsters who seek to enforce your will on others? And that if you prove that belief… we will likely not support your efforts? Because the Matari know only too well what it is to face a larger foe who seeks domination for no other reason than ‘we say our way is best so there’. And you are insane if you think we have traded an overt collar for one masked by pleasantries, but no less unyielding.

  2. Have you considered that the big reason the Federation talks to the State and Empire is that the Fed’s military minds have done the math, and it’s pretty clear neither side can be sure they could actually win that war? That at best, they could only exhaust themselves in the trying, leave trillions dead, and in the end, achieve nothing but ensuring the ascension of some outside force like the Drifters or Triglavians?

First you try to claim someone else’s work as your own. Now this nonsense.

Grow up, kid.


Oh, cmon, who doesn’t know still that the Federation has the largest imperialist attitude in the whole cluster and use others imperialist attitudes just as short-sighted excuse for their own invasions?

Well, this is a thing.


The only people the Empyrean War empowers is the military-industrial complex who continue to rake in money from the continued demand for materiel that it creates.

Anyone who believes this war will be won or change anything or ever end, is a sucker.


Ms Bonaparte, you seem like a well-thinking woman. Don’t let our enemies drive you off the course. As a Gallentean you have no duty to allow yourself to be cheated, but you have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice.

■■■■■■■ gallente always trying to steal from other cultures. Pig headed politics and warmongering against the evil oppressors is our thing damnit. Just slap on some ■■■■■■■■ “tribal” tattoos and call it a day like everyone else.


I’m, like, 60% sure this whole thread is a jab at Kim’s posting style.


Fellas, we can turn this into a good thing.

Diana Kim vs. Crystal Bonaparte, Tech 1 Frigates. Taking all bets.


Let’s be honest…most all fights are violent when it comes to capsuleers and will always be. Destroying is what we’ve learned to do best.


One of the basic concepts I was taught about warfare as a cadet was that war is the pursuit of political goals through military means. I agree with Mlle Bonaparte that apathy has gripped the Federation, but in my view it is the apathy of continuing a war without clear political goals to attain through our military success.

Very few have stayed in the fight longer than my comrades in arms who make up the Villore Accords. While others have come and gone from the warzone chasing profit, or fame, or simply a lust for battle, we have fought tirelessly to protect the lives and freedoms of our fellow citizens. It is essential that we not lose sight of that guiding directive as we fight this war, and remember that the ultimate security of those lives and freedoms will come with a just peace.

I don’t know how long it will take to forge that peace. The First Gallente-Caldari War lasted just over nine decades. Ninety-three years of bloody massacre far greater than the scale of conflict we endure today. That should tell us all something about the will of both sides to perpetuate conflict. As Empyreans, there are even fewer limits on our capacity to continue vendettas. In my view, we ought to use our limitless potential to move our governments towards peace, not agitate our already blindly belligerent political leaders toward further hostility.

Anyway, if Mlle Bonaparte wants to enlist in this Forever War there is plenty of fighting to be had. I can think of worse ways to gain some much needed perspective.


Your governments do not want ‘peace’, any more than they want actual war. You participate in bloodsport, with the playing field and the rules designated by CONCORD. There are plenty of low-sec border systems outside the warzone… but you can’t flip a one, can you? Why do the beacoms for IHUB vulnerability become accessible in these systems, but not in those?

Why, it’s almost like the empire governments want you to blow up their stuff… like it’s part of the cost of doing business. You get to blow stuff up and feel like you’re championing a noble cause… and they get a bunch of useful patsies to call upon if the real war starts.

Highly-experienced loyalist mercenary vs Rookie who graduated 2 weeks ago. You better be giving some amazing odds, boyo.


Given the destructive capacity of Capsuleers and our seemingly short attention spans, giving something for Loyalist pilots to do while still championing the cause and keeping combat effectiveness up actually seems like sound policy.

Kinda like all those campaigns Null sec pilots in those large blocs do every year.

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Two things:

  1. Absolutely. The crap that goes on in null is just as much of a bloodsport under the rules and limitations CONCORD has established. Think of it like a different athletic league with slightly different sportsball rules. The biggest difference is that we don’t claim to be slaughtering millions in the name of national agendas… just our own.

  2. ‘bloc’. No ‘k’ on that word when you’re referring to large-scale political factions.


I kind of thought this, but now I think it’s intentional mimicry, rather than anything satirical.

Hey, he’s just the middleman. We are responsible for our own gambling.

That being said, I’d bet Kim destroys Bonaparte in under 10 seconds.

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I’d put Bonaparte at an approximately 11% chance of winning, that being: 5% chance that Diana Kim spontaneously disconnects from her pod, explodes due to pod failure or some random warping to the sun and blapping her, or otherwise an oopsie causes her to blow up/warp off. 5% chance that Diana Kim does not show up after agreeing to come (if she does, big if) and is therefore disqualified, 1% chance that she actually loses the fight. Someone better at math than me can draw up the odds and then we can find someone mad enough to take em.


Yes, yes. We’ve all heard the tiresome “Pendulum War” line of criticism before. That there are huge flaws in the system set up by CONCORD is undeniable. It doesn’t change the historical fact that when the State Protectorate had unchallenged control over the warzone they used that control to inflict hardship and oppression on the Gallente populace. Speaking only for myself, that is what I fight to prevent ever happening again. That’s my agenda.