The Triglavian Invasion needs a better sense of scale

I side with trigs (for no payout dammit) so that I get advantage in trig systems (gatecamping rights etc) and just to “shake things up a bit”. I have no idea how this would actually do that, but any change is good to the nullsec monopoly that is eve.

But I also do highsec incursions so if niarja or something that’s a important point gets invaded I’m driving a vindi there to defend it.

Talking about favour, you’re all just looking at two things. Pro EDENCOM thinks that EDENCOM winning doesn’t do anything (which is partly true), and pro Triglavians think that there is less reason to be pro Trig (also partly true).

So the conclusion? Trigs are as much as a natural phenomenon as CCP’s update is. And I all depends more on stake than on reality. I can’t say much beyond that.

P.S. Rav was fun. No kills but still fun.

Same way they were before the invasion, so what’s the fuss here?

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