The Triglavians offer liberation

Triglavians are known to UwU in local during battle, suggesting they do in fact have hentai.

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Kybers, not trigs. Trigs use triangles as font not UwU.

In that case, how do I find my closest recruitment station?

You mean you can do what you want as you can get away with it? :laughing:

And metallic beasts shall not pass it!

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Thou shalt go around thy master, thou dare not cross his path lest thy strike him. If thou doth strike thy master and are caught by his holy cameras of observation thou should expect a missive demanding tribute from the holy inquisitors of the local justice system.

Yeah, I’m bored, can’t sleep.

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Niarja gets invaded:

My home gets invaded:

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ok , you guys can liberate what you want
i dont oppose that
but i will kill you guys every time i can while you fly with the space hobos aka the dirty minmatar
ill not accept minmatar presence in my beloved amarr
i sugest that the trig leaders search for local support or the blood will flow

People having fun with it.

People not having fun with it.

Everybody else.


You are evil.

Relevant to this topic.


Finally some culture in this topic!!!

Let’s hug together soul brother!

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Daaamn, Pai Mei has a fine set of legs on him…


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