The triglavians will never win

Here is why:

A: most systems are in high security space. Carebears like their space as-is. They’ll run sites like they run incursions. Blingy fits @ 0 risk.

B: There are NO null sec systems being invaded. This is simply an injustice on half the player base, but oh well. We’d see more liminality if they started to invade null.

C: People just want EZ kills. No way around it. In low sec, the priate will roam. This does make it harder for both sides, but overall, it’s going to be harder for the Triglavians

D: Not enough players are affected. I’d wager a bet that not more that 5% of the player base has any sort of steak in this. If the triglavians win, they get nothing. they lose nothing. If the empire wins, they get nothing. They lose nothing. it’s all around a poorly constructed mechanic.

E: Positive feedback loops. Simple enough. The more that a system is moved towards a fortress, the harder it is to get it back to neutral. This is a result of poor design, and provides low incentive for any players to do anything about it. At least bump up the rewards so that attacking an edencom system will actually get you something

F: People have other ■■■■ to worry about at this point. I hate to say it, CCP, but most players aren’t interested because they have other things to do. A good way to get around this would be to, for example, freeze parts of nullsov, or to have the empire take portions of people’s moon goo as a “war tax”. All those isk sinks you’ve implemented with structures? Yeah, people are more worried about those than some invasion.

G: A ship lost in low sec is a ship lost for nothing. There are currently no extrinsic rewards for running with the triglavs, except standing. Fix that.

H: PVP is too highly incentivised. Currently there is more incentive to kill other people than there is to run sites. This is a natural deterrent, and once again, a positive feedback loop.

Sorry, CCP. I’m chalking this one up to 75% bad (perhaps intentionally so) design. The triglavs will never win, you’ve created a meat grinder event with nobody who in the right mind would support the conversion of a system into a meat grinder with the exception of a number of sadistic fleets who are knowing sailing to their own doom when they start.


Is it opposite day? Im pretty sure you have all these points backwards, old peanut

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well i don’t care who wins
but i was not aware of the

thats cool , ty for the info :+1:

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Then you’ve not seen those blingy fits dying to alpha strike from tornado fleets in high sec then?

How do people still thing high sec is zero risk?

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Anyways, we don’t need loads of systems turned to low sec. A few would be plenty enough for me.

And gankers have been hitting players in hi-sec systems, I’m guessing they are targeting players fighting for Edencom? In which case, all the better if they bring bling.

Regardless of what happens, you can’t deny that a ton of content is coming from this. And all they had to do was threaten the safety-cushion of players and put them under the scopes of hunters.

Who knew it was that simple? (well we knew. But that’s another discussion).

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hey y’all shitpost all you want, but we both know i’m right here.

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0 risk? 0 risk my ass, you don’t travel correctly scouting beforehand etc, you die and lose 10 bil.
MASS DC? 10 people die within the two minutes it takes to safely log back in (because no logi and boost logging in = dead.) (and no ccp doesn’t always srp because the first few times people sneakingly stole the loot, ofc incursion fleets learned from it.)

Your teammates don’t all rep you within 10 - 15 seconds or don’t broadcast within 5 seconds ==> you lose ship, and all the isk put into it. You are at all times 20 seconds away from pod flying these ships.

Bling ships are not a risk? Each time one dies it’s worth 10 normal ships, and people die daily. As soon as something bad happens it’s comparable to a titan/super loss.

Nonsense, you don’t know what their ambitions/intentions are - so can’t possibly know whether they will ‘win’ or not… or even if they are actually trying to ‘win’ anything at all…

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