The Vaccination Grief

(Rai Hantzel) #1

Calling to all capsuleers with a devious streak

I am planning to stage an attack on an unspecified alliance’s Citadel this weekend around Saturday 11:00 PM Mountain Standard time. The opposing alliance that I’ve done recon on has Nightmares, Jackdaws, and Ares, so I’m begging for the assistance of pilots who are capable of flying battleships or battlecruisers, and those who can fill the ranks to create a swarm. I am estimating the need of 50 to 100 pilots, depending if we are getting the heavy support we need, I will provide commands via the fleet interface and if you have any further questions, message me directly. there is no money involved as this is something fun I wish to accomplish to see the tears and rage of our enemy.

Ships needed: Artillery, EWAR, Tacklers, and DPS, All races welcome though i would prefer Drone Strong characters to fluff the ranks

(Darvo Thellere) #2

Third Party Wormholer here. I would love if you guys come without any serious communication tool nor an experienced fleetcommander to suicide your ■■■■ to an astrahus, a nullsec entity and a shitton of 3rd party people. i guarantee you: if you find some sad idiots to join this op, we gonna be there as well. :wink: Clusterfucing the sht out of this.

(system) #3

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