The war against RMT

Now that we got local blackout in null sec. How goes the fight against RMT in null sec? Have the BOT mining fleets been hunted down and wiped out?

Not sure how much difference it made. I guess phase two is the tax broker fee to stop the alpha trading bots. Maybe somewhere down the line the FW bots will not be able to use ventures to plex.

You are joking or something?? *Takes a look at player owned markets…

Ps. Actually looking at killing spree I start to think that CCP is so terrible at understanding own game that they thought taxes. will actually work this way.

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I do think it was the intent of the tax/brokers fee change but I also don’t think its going to have any effect other than players moving to player owned structures. Its kind of like you can’t use the gate on a plex when stabbed but ventures…

wiped out? they stopped playing or went to Hi sec. the initial couple days/week maybe. but after that Null is a Ghost Town. Unless you are with one of the Major alliances. then nothing’s really changed except all the Subcap pilots fast tracked for capitals.

They are trying to remove the ISK from the game that was injected into the economy by VNI botters. Since pretty much all players use the market one way or another this might actually work.

in a pocket near me, 80+ accounts have moved in and are mining from dt to dt since the blackout has happened…they weren’t there before.

I bet if you posted the location a bunch of newly-minted nullsec pvpers would be more than happy to help you with pest control.

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ive always been told to do it myself by the mighty anti botters

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