The way I see it

Oh, well dang. Here I was getting all offended and typing out death threats and wishes of harm and disease to family members. Guess it’s time to delete those. <3

original poster made my day… Total fanboi meltdown… No need to respond to this level of stupidity with anything other than this meme. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



I know that most of the salty veterans and forum trolls won’t share in this point of view; But I would honestly welcome a fresh start on a fresh server with a new ruleset at this point. Would I miss the SP and assets I’ve built up since my first character in 2006? On a superficial level, perhaps. But the game has just become so stale and broken that most of my shiny things just collect dust in the hangar anyways.

Not that I believe CCP would actually do something as drastic as resetting or even introducing a second server. From what I’ve heard (and I could well be wrong), the Chinese version operates under a completely different developer, just using CCP’s code and assets.

It is not hard to vision the possible outcome when looking at that scenaro where subscribe to EVE 2.0 Capsuleer Package and at the same time receive access to New Eden Classic Omega Status at the same time.

If you pay for multiple months at a time, then you get discounts. I pay for a year and the price is like, $13.

Not rich enough to pay in bulk? Literally play the game for free and make money. People complaining are just whining because they don’t know how to A, make money in real life or B, make money in the game.


Or C, they’re taking a tip from Permaband and using “Cancelling is just a means of communication” to let CCP know that charging more while providing less is the wrong direction to be heading in.

Since it seems they’re deaf to anything else.


Subscription fees for WoW have risen in various countries, in addition to charging a flat fee per expansion for years. Compared to Eve which has not charged expansion fees at all, ever. Six of one half a dozen of the other, perhaps. Different games charging different but similar fees.

WoT was released in 2010 and offers a fairly linear product - drive tanks, kill other tanks. The content is more specialized though fairly anemic compared to Eve and comparing WoT and Eve is like comparing apples to oranges.

Alts make things more convenient but it has never been a necessity. Maybe just get better at the game or make some friends? Give it time you’re only 2 months in…

Not this edgelord. Just thought i’d throw in my 0.02 ISK on behalf of some of the players who are too busy playing and enjoying the game to come to the forums to whine about it.

Guess my point is they don’t care about losing a few thousand players in the grand scheme of things, which goes back to my final statement in OP, unsubbing only hurts you (and ultimately your community, not CCP) Eve Korea is a thing now, the Chinese market is huge, CCP is about to gain back many of the subs it’s lost in EU, UK, AU or NA timezones. Yes they are constantly making small improvements to their product. On a macro level, no, CCP doesn’t care about your subs, or mine.

And your personal financial situation is CCP’s problem how, exactly?

I’d love to pay $10 for a sub rather than $20 like everyone else here but I’d also like my groceries for free, to pay less rent and see a Porsche sitting in my driveway tomorrow morning. The difference between these other expenses and Eve? Eve has forums. Just because Eve players have an official channel to express their disapproval doesn’t mean they are going to influence sub prices any more than we can influence the price of gas, food, rent, etc.

Eve is, always has been, a product. The developers have a vision for what the consumers of that product should and should not be able to do. Does your beloved WoT let you build bases, manufacture items? Does it have a hundred other mechanics found in other games that have nothing to do with tanks? Can you fly planes? Is it World of Warships? Quit complaining about how CCP is trying to limit players when literally every other game does the same thing.

Fewer alts is a good thing. Come back to me when player count is at 5000, maybe then i’ll feel differently. My corp and alliance still have more CTA’s then we have the time or ISK to undock for, plenty of content happening in my neck of the woods.

So because my overarching message is one of perseverance and doesn’t sound like every other whine post on these forums it’s negative? Just doing my best to represent the perspective of active players in this game. It’s never your successful friends taking to the forums to complain about things that are well beyond their control, never the people who enjoy a product who go online to complain about it. Most of the Eve players I know have never posted here and outright avoid the official Eve forums due to the levels of toxicity present within.

When Eve is making enough money to both keep itself running and siphon off massive amounts of money to other projects, it’s a sign that Eve is doing alright. Say what you want about CCP being bad developers who invest in failed projects (I would agree with you) they wouldn’t be as irresponsible with their money if they weren’t ■■■■■■■ rolling in it. As I said, when the concurrent player count hits 5000 then maybe they’ll be feeling the pressure but until then, all unsubbing is going to do is hurt your own circle of friends and remove you from a game you likely enjoy playing.

Or not, in which case unsub if the extra $5 isn’t worthwhile to you. Makes no difference to me and most of the people I know.

It really was not intended to be complicated.


Post was directed to obvious forum alts who’s owners aren’t active in-game whatsoever.

But congratulations on your better-than-me killboard, not hard to achieve. at all.


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Here I will disagree with you. Surely you can play without alts and enjoy the game. However, the moment you start competing against someone, and that happens pretty much with every activity you do in EVE, if other players are using alts (multiboxed or not), and majority of them does, you are clearly in disadvantage if you don’t.

I am not sure how to explain that well enough, so I will use parallel with Diablo 2. The old one not remastered which killed modding so I pass on that. I used to play it on battlenet like 15 years ago or so. And the bots were running there on rampage. Pretty much everyone was botting and Blizzard didn’t do absolutely anything. After a while when I realized that bots ruined lvl 99 rush competition and market. I realized that the whole game is pointless and uninstalled it. Because these bots allowed others to compete against me and I couldn’t concur that. I couldn’t get level 99 faster than them. And my stuff that I looted has zero value because farming bots ruined prices and were offering items with highest rolls possible or close to that. So nobody was buying from me as my items had average rolls.

EVE isn’t in that bad spot, but I can see why peoples say that you must use alts/multibox to achieve anything. The only other option is lower your goals to pretty much “will fly around in shuttle and admire a view”.


thats called paying on hard mode
there is reward in that

for example , scouting ,
some people scout
some just jump from gate to gate like a real chad


I get what you’re saying about competition but there is still no real obligation to have an alt. You can do a lot more than fly around in a shuttle and admire the view with a single account.

And don’t call me Shirley…

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Wait wait wait so CCP can put the word killing in their song but if we mention it in a post it gets flagged and hidden? :smiley: talk about a disconnect.

This is usually just before the “O ■■■■ o ■■■■ o ■■■■ o ■■■■ heat mwd burn back crash crash!”

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Inb4 CCP has to suspend itself because of getting flagged. :snowflake:



Had you ever wondered what those funds could be used for when looking the current market and with inflation? Handing out 12 to 24 months vs investing/buying future personal items that are known to increase in price etc?

I already bought that stuff years ago when covid hit, and some of it before that.

If you haven’t, then that’s your issue. If ■■■■ hits the fan, then it won’t have mattered if you paid $20 a month, or $25 a month. And in the long run, I’m saving a good chunk of change buying bulk. I only wish I had started to do it years ago.


Just think how much money the oil industry has saved people by only increasing the prices just a few months ago!

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Except the oil industry has been increasing prices steadily since forever.

What’s your point?

Its CCP Shanghai and besides monetization i dont see much difference.

My point is: just because a company didn’t raise their price doesn’t mean they were doing you a favor.
And your OP reeks of narcissism and selfiness.