The Whaler: An Eve Documentary [also, Olmeca Gold for CSM]

You made a 30-minute video without mentioning me even once? I’m disappointed, Olmeca.

But you’ll get the votes of me and all my alts anyway because I still like you. So I guess have fun in the CSM?
Being my super bitter self, I doubt you’ll manage to stop CCP from killing the game and making it worthwhile to play again, but if you want to waste your life on it, be my guest. Hell, you might even succeed and get me to pick up EVE again.

That’s a great story. The new ways you take show what is possible in Eve again and again.

You have my votes.

Thanks! And welcome to the forums.

You also have my vote. BTW your trick with excavators also works on normal drones in hisec - just need to bump orca away (takes longer but no need to worry about someone getting your way, in general case)

Lol nice. How long does it take to bump an orca 500 away? And I assume you do it for Augmenteds, as they cant use Excavators?

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Yes, augmented and harvesters. With 500MN omen it takes about 5 minutes to bump it away good 600km from the drones (for extra measure). Second alt/pilot jams them in griffin and gets concorded while you warp to them (500mn omen still has fitting room for combat probes, cap stability and warp speed optimization; the combat probes come in handy with warping directly to drones and finding ppl mining in deadspace). Such omen goes 6-8km/s cold and makes orca go about 2-4km/s. It is also dirty cheap :smiley:

Nice shenanigans in hisec. I bet many of these Orcas are merely afk as well.

Not all. Some are smart and fit higgs + 2 drone nav computers (you can;t bump it solo like that cause drones will be fast enough to catch up). But most are really afk… or get scared and just warpoff.

To be fair you were actually the inspiration for it :smiley:

bump :slight_smile:

Good grief. These need to be in the game yesterday! The Focused Damage Bombs can especially be implemented relatively easily - since you’re just taking the FVB and changing it from neg capacitor to target to a damage type to target.

Hi Olmeca, I’d like to thank you for spending the time to do an interview with me;

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Thanks for giving me the opportunity!

And here is another discussion forum about the interview.

If CCP were to table a motion that made a playstyle completely obsolete, would you challenge that even if you disagree with the playstyle and, if so, how?

More of this CSM nonsense. Is this the people who have turned eve into it’s current obscenity? I think you killed it. R.I.P.

One of my goals as a CSM candidate is to represent as many underrepresented (and this just means non-empire-building) playstyles as I can.

I wouldn’t say there are playstyles I “agree” or “disagree” with. There are “legitimate” ones, there are ones i find “out of balance”. As long as people enjoy a playstyle, and it doesn’t harm the Eve ecosystem, it’s legitimate. For example, I never do incursions, but I would argue to keep it in the game. I would be active in its defense.

How? There are many ways a CSM member can influence the game development.


I am voting for you Olmeca! This is my personal endorsement!

It depends on the ship you use, but if u bling it and use implants its pretty fast, 5-10 minutes

The cruiser stealth bomber … YES !!!

It would need to avoid being squishy, by having low sig or high-ish resists but lowish ehp overall, always on the move.

The goku fleet this would make …

For the above and much more, you have my 4 votes, gonna vote for you and Stitch Kaneland.

PS: I am FW, and i have been farming it since day 1, i’m not sure how the revamp will work, we must avoid a situation where ppl arrange ‘fights’ for kills/whatever, in order to farm LP, like in the past.
At the same time we need to keep supply of fw specific charges/ammo and mods onto the market.

o7, how can you prevent trillionaires pirates in low sec to overkill news players and make low sec “more friendly” to welcome new player ? thx


You know I am not a lowseccer so I don’t have a direct perspective to lowsec. If I get elected I will open my own discord in which there will be channels for lowseccers, wormholers etc. which we can discuss game issues and people can have a direct access to a CSM member. In there we can discuss if this is a problem.

Perhaps CCP can add more paths to the agency which end in lowsec to attract new players. But I don’t know how to make it “new player friendly” or how th prevent lowsec trillionaires from killing random new player ships. Can you link me specific people? I know most veterans treat new players rather well and give them advice for the next time, and even money to replace their ships. So I am not even sure this is a problem.