The Whaler: An Eve Documentary [also, Olmeca Gold for CSM]

Have empire incursions in lowsec facwar systems, call them ‘Patrols’

A basic premis could be get the lowsec system to a certain point for their respective faction and then theres a chance of patrols starting with system wide effects. Or just have them randomly effecting systems one, to or up to 3 jumps into lowsec (from their faction space)

It would be easy to assume the caldari navy would bring in its own system wide cyno jammers and could add more to the facwar whilst having the benefit of dissallowing much hotdrop shenannigans.



Olmeca, in terms of the level of detail you analyze the problem with and the level of detail in your proposed changes with the Anomaly Rework, you are like none other I’ve seen in any CSM campaign. In perfect relation between CSM and CCP everyone should include at least 10% of this amount and this level of details in their campaign thread. I mean it’s that much more than what I expected to see in this thread, you made 10 times the norm I’d like to see as a minimum from any candidate. I love it.

But I’m sorry I’ll be blunt. Here’s 2 things - 1st is the relation between CSM and CCP isn’t perfect. Some people see it as many CSM members pushing their own agenda often with no relation for Eve to be better as a whole. With on the other hand, CCP not listening to things they aren’t considering already. Maybe that’s what Steve meant when he wrote anyone promising to get X from CCP doesn’t know how CSM works or is lying to his voters? More or less?
And here is the 2nd thing - looking holistically at Anomaly Rework but I mean here your ideas together: the Anomaly Rework, Mobile Cyno Inhibition Rework, Capital Changes, New Local Delayed Ship Class, Bombing.
Do you see a threat of all this together being a major overkill that could lead from perfect safety to at least very highly likely kills? Are you sure your needs as whaler aren’t coming through this combination of changes more than your general care for Eve to be balanced better? If risk is too high people won’t undock no matter the reward. Unless this isn’t combination of changes but a list of things that can be changed but don’t have to be changed in every case, to get the desired balance.

Thanks for your kind words.

Maybe that’s what Steve meant when he wrote anyone promising to get X from CCP doesn’t know how CSM works or is lying to his voters? More or less?

Here is a direct C/P from my CSM bid:

“I also recognize the fact that CSM is ultimately a focus group. People seldom get their own specific ideas inside the game. But voters still deserve to know what I think the ways to fix Eve’s main problems are. And CSM candidates should be elected with their ideas showcased.”

I understand that CCP sees through people pushing their own agenda. But in many ways, I don’t see my proposals as “my agenda”. Most changes I advocate would nerf my main activity, Excavator booshing. We have 300 accounts between 2 friends, yet I advocate for a 1-person-1-vote rule. Yes, some of the things I will argue will include buffs to my own playstyle of hunting in nullsec.

But those proposals come from a place which I really think the game ecosystem would truly be more balanced and sustainable. Some of them are long overdue due to the underrepresentation of people in my playstyle. And if I get elected, then I would do so by arguing for these ideas, campaigning with these ideas. I didn’t have bloc votes or purchased votes. And I hope that will bring more legitimacy to things I argue in the eyes of CCP. I don’t think they’ll be blind to all these either.

At the end of the day I am aware that the influence of CSM is limited with CCP’s agenda for the year, and things they want to work on. I think Steve Ronuken is right. That’s why I say I’d be lucky if one of these ideas go into the game. But people should campaign with ideas anyway, because that’s the best way to choose someone who’ll relay the right feedback to CSM.

Do you see a threat of all this together being a major overkill

Unlike any other candidate, I also actually do my own research into risk/reward statistics. I don’t base my claims like “null is too safe” only to personal experience, nor I would be blind if/when CCP does overkill changes to the riskier side. Here you can see conversion of mining farm to killmails in space (I also have ratting data but less reliable, so I use mining as a toy example). Currently, the top 20 mining regions in nullsec lose less than 4% of all mining revenue in the form of lost mining ships. I see this as a simple taxation problem. The more you “tax” these miners, the more content people of Eve will have. But if you tax them too much, then they will stop mining. So I argue for a more healthy ratio about 15% in safest null, and 25% in the least organized null space. The moment it is higher, then you’ll see me arguing that it was overkill and should be balanced back a little.

Also remember; I don’t expect much of my ideas to go into the game. Best case scenario would be a combination of a few of them, which wouldn’t be overkill.


i never seen a pirate in lowsec SRP his victim …
pirates camp gate between high sec and low sec

exemple 1 :

  • there is 1 pirate camping with an expensive T3C faction module
  • u bring 1 drake to kill him
  • he will dock and come back with a cheap counter BS to make an easy kill
  • you go back and pick a BS to fight his counter BS, he will dock and come back with 2 frriend and 3 legion 3B fitted

exemple 2 : you are farming event in lowsec with a T1 cruiser, trying to make some isk, pirates will engages with 1 huginn and 2 panther

exemple 3 :

  • you find some friends, u feel overpowered in your gnosis and praxis so you decided to camp tama gate. your fleet : 1 praxis 1 talos 1 gnosis 1 crow 1 punisher
  • pirate will engage with 4 sacrilege 1 ashimmu 1 oneiros 1 ares
  • but this was a trap, praxis had a cyno and now a nagflar is on grid !!! ■■■■ theses pirates !!!
  • 10 minutes later, pirates cyno 3 revelation 1 phoenix 1 rorqual 1 nagflar 1 archon

Congratulations on being elected!

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Congrats Olmeca

I thought you were just another (yawn) CSM elected member until I listened to your interview.

Ref -

Wow! If you mean what you say, this could be the best thing CCP could ever do for EVE. Some of your points made me cringe but let’s be real. EVE is not getting better for new pilot retention. Your presentation would hurt me in my wallet but if it saves EVE, it would be worth it.

We did it. Thank you!


What do you think about:

Developing filaments to be used as jump bridges
Developing escalation filament sites
Developing Mobile Jump Depots using filaments ( allows you too jump up to 5 AU using a portion of the abyssal filament that doesn’t actually access the filament but lets you surf the outer conduit of the abyssal)