The Wormhole Police are hiring! Join today for Truth, Justice and the New Eden Way

The Wormhole Police are a Role Play Alliance.

We’re a group of solo wormhole hunters. Our goal is to support your solo efforts though shared intel and resources.

Small group assists are common.

We also have a weekly meme fleet with alliance provided equipment and a nurturing environment where you can make risk-free mistakes and show off your skills. Our focus is on FUN and to help lift each other up in our solo activities.

The Wormhole Police are charged with the protection of sensitive landmarks in wormhole space. It’s a big job for a small force.

For far too long the Empires have sent out their traders, their thieves and their murderers to openly prey on ancient sites critical to the cultures of what they deem “Pirate Factions”. This xenophobic and genocidal activity is happening without social consequence. Unguarded faction sites are being decimated! Farmed for their mineral wealth, mined for their technology, left to evaporate in space. We are dedicated to stopping this space piracy through liberal application of Interstellar Universal Statute Law (IUS Lex).

You are the Judge, The Jury, The Executioner. A one man army backed up by other one men armies. You are THE LAW!

Omega required.
No TZ Requirements. (most pilots are US/EU currently)
Only 1 rule!

We have the #1 TOP RATED Wormhole Police Deputy Training Program - We’ll teach you everything you need to know. All you need is a respect for THE LAW and a willingness to put your life on the line to enforce it.

If you feel that an exciting career in Law Enforcement is right for you, please contact an Officer using our public in-game chat, or through our discord. Your journey begins with a short voice interview on discord…

In Game Chat - The Wormhole Police
Discord Link - Mother Cluckers
Inspirational Video -

  • All officers are expected to abide by Rule #1. which is… Do whatever you like in HS,NS,LS,Pochven but while in Wormhole Space; Officers and Deputies will not Hack, Mine or Rat…

Are you ready to bump yourself into an exciting career in Law Enforcement?

The Wormhole Police are still hiring dedicated individuals! Start your rewarding career in Law Enforcement today!

Pedro Sez - We Need More Steenkin Badges! Start your exciting career in Law Enforcement TODAY!

All Cops Are Beautiful - Be Beautiful! Join The Wormhole Police Today!

Your wife called! She said it’s ok to join The Wormhole Police TODAY!

We need your help! “The Outside” is taking control of my crew. Join Today!

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