The Yggdrasil Project

The Yggdrasil project has been a long standing project of mine. It is there for those that are fleeing their chains to find a new home, recovery, and maintain a lifestyle of freedom beyond those shackles. We do not discriminate against race, creed, bloodline or belief system. All people of the age of 16 years or older upon completion of the program have the opportunity to go wherever they want in the cluster and they will be transported there free of cost. They also get a monthly allowance to go towards learning a trade or school to better their education. They also have the ability to receive at no cost to the healthcare, psychiatric care and access to a wide range of social services available with the program. We also have care available for those that have been implanted against their will, we have a speciality team able to possibly remove them without significant impact to their new found way of life.

All children under the age of 16 are housed, fed, educated. We strive to give them a semblance of what a normal life would feel like even though they may be placed within orphanages throughout the Republic.

Over the last week or so, we have been stretched very thin with admissions almost tripling in what we would do in six months we have taken in less then one week. We do not know if there has been any events that have happened in the Empire or the Kingdom or even Curse and Stain that would cause any influx of refugees. But we can state that some of these are the worst cases of abuse and neglect we have seen. Children from a very young age to elders taking their first breath of freedom in their lives.

I have debated closing admissions into the program due to the influx of people that we are getting but thanks to donors I will not have to shut down admissions at this point. We are always needing supplies and will continue to take supplies in for them. But I wanted to bring you some of their stories that they are willing to share.

A camera cuts in to a very dark skinned young teenager with long black dreads, but brilliant green eyes. The camera drone focuses on her, Lits voice can be heard in the background “Can you tell us your name and age?” The girl nods her head “My name is Nymera, I am 13 years old.” The voice from the background “Do you know anything about where you come from?” The girl shakes her head “All I know is that I was woken up in the middle of the night, taken to a shuttle, transferred in a station with several hundred of us. Most of them were in the same holding as I was but not all. The next thing I remember is being in station again then seeing your people as we unloaded.” The voice again “Can you tell us what it was like there?” The girl anxiously twirls her finger around one of her dreads. “It was hard, if you didn’t do good you were punished, if you said the wrong thing you were punished, sometimes we wouldn’t get food for days. Other days they would bring the whip. Then the day came where they put me in a room, what looked like a doctor came in, told me to lay on the table and put that thing in my head.”

Lit sighs in the background as her voice echoes out “ So they put a TCMC in you.” Lit notices the girl’s anxiety creeping up “Hey, you are safe, they can’t get you anymore.” The camera drone cuts out.

Another camera drone cuts in to show an older pale skinned man, possibly Gallente in origin, he has grey hair that has thinned with brown eyes that are filled with a life of torment. Lit softly speaks “Can you tell us your name and age?” The man chews on his lip for a moment “You can call me Harman, I am 65 years old. I have been a slave since I was born.” Lits voice again comes from the background “Where were you held?” The man looks down for a moment “Not sure exactly was never taken off planet ever.” The voice from the background speaks softly again “What was it like?” The man smirks for a brief moment “Painful, but on the days if you didn’t screw up were fine. But if you screwed up, they made you pay for it, either by beatings or whipping.” Her voice echoes quietly “Can you show us your back?” The man nods, the camera drone pans out a bit, showing the man’s back where there is still bruising and whip marks, scars layered on scars of his back. He puts his shirt back down and the camera drone cuts out.

The camera goes active again one more time this time it is just Lit there looking at the camera “These are just two of the stories of the hundreds more that we are getting in, most of them have scars, most of them have some psychological issues. Some of them were implanted with TCMC’s into their heads against their will. This is not okay, this is not right. We should not have modern day slavery in the cluster at all, because it is people like them that make people like me have these types of programs for refugees to come into.”

The drone fades out one last time


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