Update on the Yggdrasil Project

The Yggdrasil project keeps moving forward with the influx of refugees coming to the Republic, just recently we have received into the project 3,000 individuals that were fleeing their chains.

The small town located on the Khammael estate on Huggar has built a small town for those refugees that require less medical and psychological attention. It is for them to be educated, and trained in skills for employment down the road when they decide to leave the project.

The project takes in refugees in all different kinds of conditions and stability, it provides a non judgmental ideals to ensuring a recovery of those that are within the project. The ultimate goal of the project is to see those refugees to be able to have healthy relationships and employment opportunities.

The project is open to all donations of clothing, food, and medicine as when the refugees arrive in the Republic, they have nothing but them and the clothes on their backs. We supply everything to them at no cost, the project relies solely on donations and funding from the local governments.

Should anyone have any questions please feel free to contact me in regards to it.


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