Theory Crafting - Entosis Change -

Entosis Changes -

  • Entosis mods lose warm up cycle and forced on grid time
  • With warm up timer gone, the total time to take a node increased by 50%
  • Grant the ability to have 4 stacked entosis mods on a single target, with a max reduction of 33% total time to “capture” the node
  • ADM play into effect on the initial timer, and that number is what is reduced from - making ADM still important to the capture nodes
  • Entosis mods are cheap to produce, DIRT cheap - but still require fuel
  • Entosis mods can be used on a citadel to turn off highs, mediums, and services
  • Default time to turn off a slot is 1min 30 seconds, default time to turn off services is 5min
  • Each slot has to be manually targeted and turned off, and can be effected by up to 4 entosis mods at a time

Why these changes?

  1. Entosis mod is costly currently, more so than several dead space and faction mods, and makes the ship you are in a liability, even with a t1. either its a brick tanked indy such as a sigil, or its a speedy little prick. making it cheaper to produce would see more vulnerable ships able to be used with the mod, as it wouldn’t be nearly as costly. with decreased cost, more ships will use it, which means its likely more ships can be outfitted for the job.

  2. The warm up period and forced on grid time is just a forced conflict mechanic. no different in game play than a loading screen. removal of them makes the engagements more emergent and allows for more fluid and quick gameplay. you aren’t forced on to it, and you can pick up an entosis and drop it just as quick, allowing hit and runs to be a thing as well.

  3. Increased base time on a node - will help make up for the lack of the warm up cycle, but the addition of the stacking penalties will help combat the forced conflict and it will incentivize more use of the now cheaply made entosis mod on other ships. this will help allow more conflict to happen, without forcing it to happen.

  4. To help combat some of the lull in dealing with a citadel, being able to turn off services/slots would give multiple objectives to an fc that may be attacking it, and if you are on the Access list for the citadel, you could counter entosis depending on the amount that are present. again no more than 4, if you can match 4 then it is a wash and the service/slot isnt effected. The cooldown for these slots/services is roughly 10 min before they can be targeted after being “turned of” creating a small window for a fleet to take advantage of.

Coincidentally - another option is you could also put out, with lore behind it if you wanted, racial entosis ships, with t1 and t2 variants, that are geared towards attacking nodes and such, and thus reducing the time and eliminating the warm up period completely as a ship bonus specific to it

They have solid defenses, decent speed and ONLY operate the entosis mod in the highs, making them useful for that one objective, but they are fairly cheap, again being a T1 helps, and the T2 would be a bit more expensive. this gives the option for play with specific ship styles, they would be useful in null sov for that, and if you make the change to the service/slot actions, you could still use them in HS/LS/WH to great effect as well, thus being a worthwhile ship all over, not just in null

Just an option! Been tooling it around as a possible change up to this particular mechanic and modual.

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So you can make super cheap entosis that doesn’t have to commit? Do you even own any null sov? Because that sounds like super cancerous to deal with since any asshole can show up in a ceptor, start entosing your ihub, and make you form to deal with the follow-up timer, or if he gets chased off no biggie because he’s faster and slipperier than you so you can’t actually murder him.

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