There is no way CCP is going to have success with Eve Echoes

This is a complicated game catered to older veteran players who create multiple alts and pay multiple subscriptions. There is no way the core competencies CCP developed to develop this sort of game will be transferable to a mobile action game. As if they could just switch from their griefing nature towards newer or less experienced players to develop an action sort of game I look forward to watching them fail. What makes them have a successful niche here is a huge liability for the sort of game they are attempting with Eve echoes.

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this isn’t the place to discuss eve echoes… take it to the OOPE or go to EVE echoes discord.

Echoes isn’t going after the same players that this one is… similar to diablo immortal, its targeting a different audience than the PC/console versions.

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i would totally play eve echoes if i could see the ■■■■ is happening in that tiny screen
that said
go away


No exactly CCP has no idea how to develop a normal game after developing this one centered around new players being the entertainment content for older veteran players who understand it’s complicated interface and nuances. The development skills aren’t at all transferrable.

This is the EVE Online forums, not EVE Echoes forums. Also, CCP isn’t doing anything with EVE Echoes, they’re just licensing out the IP to NetEase who handles everything.


CCP isn’t developing Echos, that’s being done by what I believe is quite a large player in the mobile market; the name, artwork and background story is pretty much the limit of CCPs involvement.


Should I download Eve Echoes?

Oh in that case my comment is irrelevant.

The solution isn’t to make EVE Echoes more like EVE Online, but to make EVE Online more like EVE Echoes.

I’ve just stolen my mom’s credit card, and await to shower CCP with money. All they have to do is remove the PvP, and add loot boxes.


Lmao I lost my can yue protoype battlecruiser due to a bug, the one that you only get once out of omega and can’t be traded or sold and asked to get it reimbursed.

They legit just gave me a second one. What do I do with it tf? I wanted at least some of the fitting back.

Still very funny though

Eve echoes post is off topic I guess

If you want to discuss echoes, do so on their discord

Not in all aspects of the game, that would be bad for it, but a “middle ground” between what most people argue is do-able and beneficial.

As a dev/designer i have always hated loot boxes and spin the wheel gimics. They are just as bad as the extractor system (and injectors are ok if they were dropped based or some type of reward for things not bought). In truth though, while i hate them more then suicide ganking, they do generate lots of income.

And they will welcome the money…erm, new player!

Seriously though, I haven’t tried it but I’ve looked into it. It has the pvp and ganking this forum seems to think it doesn’t have. In fact it looks like it’s little more than the mobile version of EVE. From what I understand, it looks like it’s even putting recent event changes with the invasion in, letting EVE online write story for EVE Echoes.

If it’s any indicator, the bitter vets at Failheap Challenge ( formerly Scrapheap Challenge) are now playing Echoes and raving about it being 2003 again. It bares watching since this WILL impact new players and some old players interest and retention in EVE Online.

Fun Story: Years ago The Failheap guys were playing on the EVE Chinese server. They formed a corp with a name that incorporated the term “bittervet”. They found out the closest literal translation for the Chinese name (English > Chinese > English) was “much crying old men”. They loved it. =)

If you want to discuss we recommend you hit up the official discord server. For details see here: EVE Echoes official Discord server