There is zero official proof outside of Eve Online that New Eden acknowledges any Princess existence!

There had been some rumors within the mining channel that there is a princess who hides from miners like a cat would lurk in the darkness to pounce upon them when they least expect.

Some even say that they are very afraid to unlock on certain times of the day. I asked show me proof that there is such a entity waiting, watching prowling in the shadows.

None could produce such and only a small few began to recite of some frightening witch but didn’t describe a princess in any of their false claims.

I took to the web to search and my findings are somewhat uncomplete as the results returned;
Search Results | EVE Wiki | Fandom No results found.

Search results for "princess" - EVE University Wiki **Create the page "[Princess]

So I stand by my questions and until answered truthfully with solid proof, Frostpacker will no longer believe that there is a princess in Eve Online!

You have to make knocking sounds on the trees and emit strange whooping sounds in order to get a rare sighting of b̶i̶g̶f̶o̶o̶t̶ gankers. I tracked a group of them to a clearing in the forest, where they were having tea and scones with David Attenborough. However the camera mysteriously failed to work when I tried to record the event.

Even with folklore there would be some word or page on Search Results | EVE Wiki | Fandom instead of it reading No results found.

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