TheSupremeMagus will answer the call of small corps and wormholers

I effectively joined the community of New Eden when I started playing eve the second time during the winter nexus event of 2020. I had attempted to play once a couple of years before, but I had fallen off the learning cliff being overwhelmed by the density of information early on. The real difference in my experience the second time was that I quickly found a community to help me learn. It was a difficult time at the beginning of the pandemic and making the friends I did was important for my mental health. I started off salvaging the event sites after my friends cleared them. Before long I was participating in the fleet clearing the combat sites. I solidified my friendships and soon was invited to help run a corporation. I became their diplomat and recruiter as well as a founding member of the group running the NPSI BennyHill fleet. Our corporation: the ThunderStrike Corp was established with our first station being in Caldari high security space. We then established a successful market in Amarr space, but before long we were war dec’d by the larger groups running markets in that space. We negotiated for survival, but had to take down our market hub as a condition, and we saw this was a happening all over the neighboring regions. This first war we avoided inspired us to evolve, and to foray into the unknown of wormhole space. We lived in several wormholes and learned much of the play style required to live in space like that. We have thrived as a corporation in wormhole space running the anomalies there, moon mining, and having the occasional run in with other adventurous pilots. We have transitioned through various classes of wormhole; helping other groups to find suitable wormholes for themselves along the way. We continue to grow the corp and the possibilities for more and varied content in wormhole space. We spent the next year trying out the wide variety of content the game has to offer. We created alternate corps within our core group to try things like war in high sec, and faction warfare. I also began streaming my game play on twitch as HobbyDungeon where I share my game content and attempt to entertain the community with live music. All the while we’ve been recruiting and establishing relationships with other groups. One of these groups recently invited us into their aliance, and that aliance shortly thereafter became the wormhole wing of a coalition.

I acknowledge that I may not be the most knowledgeable or experienced player, but I have an open mind for learning and a desire for continuous improvement. I have a deep connection with the community of players bridging lots of game playstyles. Also as a diplomat I have in game experience with mediation and negotiation which could prove valuable in my representation of the player community to CCP.

I am applying to the CSM in order to provide the much needed representation for the interests of capsuleers living in wormhole space, and for small independent corporations in all spaces that feel like they don’t have representation to fight for their playstyle.

Players can expect me to hear their concerns with an eye towards finding achievable solutions in a way that helps the overall health of the game and the community allowing for more and varied playstyles. I will hold a mirror up for CCP to see the way their policies and updates are positively or negatively effecting our community. I hope that you will find my perspective valuable to the membership of the Council of Stellar Management, and support me with your vote.



try again in 4 years bud


maybe some newer blood on the CSM could make a difference, to be honest.
we’ve had lots of experienced players with their own morals and agenda, maybe we do need a voice there that speaks for the inexperienced. especially with that being the full focus of CCP these days.
you’ll have my vote.


I don’t see what age of the character has to do with anything. I’ve been playing this “game” on and off since 2003. Much like the real world though we have these older “senile” people that “speak” for the masses when they’re so disconnected from those they wish to represent its laughable. Regardless of my feelings of the CSM’s effectiveness, or the fact that I feel CCP doesn’t know how to improve/safeguard PVE gameplay I would cast my vote to you Magus if I’m still around. I’m already losing interest. It’s that same old routine day after day with nothing new in sight , for a higher price.

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We definitely need this viewpoint on the CSM.

You’ll have my vote.


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