Things I'd like to see in Eve

Things I’d like to see in Eve:

  1. Moon mining Module for the Rorqual. Allows you to anchor a Rorqual on a moon beacon and pull a small chunk from the moon. Downsides are you would have to stay anchored for the duration of the pull.

  2. A module for Dreads and Titans that would allow you to target a WH and pull mass off of it by forcing huge amounts of Energy through it.

  3. The ability for Haulers to haul pods of Characters as cargo, sort of like a passenger bus or airliner. This form of transport would allow characters with bad standing with an empire to enter the empire incognito to conduct business or retrieve assets, for one thing.

  4. This next one is going to be very controversial, but here goes anyway: Start allowing Cyno jumps and Ansible gates in WH, at least between systems within the same constellation.

Another Idea that just came to me, allow players to skill into being Market Brokers who then pay a flat monthly fee at a market location (Similar to office rentals) to be listed at that market, and players could select their own brokers to sell stuff through.

  1. A moon mining modul for the rorqual?
    how, do you want to put your rorqual for about 30 minutes or something in space while doing nothing?
    I would rather extend the role of the rorqual as a boosting ship for miningfleets. Mentionen miningdrones or salvagedrones managed like Figters in carriers.
    (but if you ask me, the rorqual is just one of 13 other ore ships in dire need of change)
    Why mining inEVE-Online Sucks and is boring - And what i would change

  2. But a modul on a Titan, which would be capable to stailize or destabilise Wormholes would be fun, thinking of closung a wormhole, or stabilising it to send large fleet trought.

  3. i would not give haulers the role to transport pods,… i would say, we have the Luxury Yacht. but not as an ship to transport pods, more as a ship to move clones submitted by transport-contracts from a to b.
    Like a blocade runner witout cargohold.

but 4,… I’m not a fan of, if you do that, there is soon be network of cyno beacons and ansiblex jump gates, and the whole story about discovering and finding is gone.

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1 - Maybe make it so it locks the Rorqual and the player can leave it for period of time? Then when its done the player can go back into it OR make it so its a contest point and the Rorqual can be “hacked” to stop doing it. Would say steal it but that’s a little OP.

2 - That does sound neat, helps control your spaces.

3 - Manufactorable Yachts that allow Clones (Active or Inactive) would be neat. I’d say make it so you can eject from the ship at any time though. If the ship is blown up Active Clones will randomly be picked to turn into pods. Inactive clones will change the chance. So if you have 10 clones, 10 active you have a 50% chance but if its 5 Active and 5 inactive you have a 100% chance to be ejected.

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