Think Concord should give out bounties on Trig ship kills

As the title mentions, I think this would generate more participation and effort from players as at the moment there aren’t many incentives to take on Trig fleets in high sec. The loot is mainly rubbish as the market prices for it are low, to say the least, compared with the “estimated value” that comes up when hovering over the item. The only loot that is good comes from the battleship Trigs and you have like mostly one per fleet and if you rock up (in say a Golem) and kill them all, them some low-life ninja looter warps in and swipes it before you get there.

Not having too much of a moan as not a huge deal and my opinion obviously carries no weight in general but I would have thought Concord would offer some bounties as they have asked for help from all. At the moment I’m not sure there are many incentives to go out and kill a fleet solo … even if I can do it, just costs me ISK. Was just wondering what others think on this.

CONCORD is afraid

I don’t think EVE needs another ISK Faucet.


OK, true … but can you square it away for me as to why I should get involved in killing these things when it ultimately costs me ISK to do it?

Because it’s fun?

If you’re treating this as just another way to make ISK, that’s your problem, not CCP’s.


K … guess that’s one answer. Cheers.

As an aside here, I turn up in my marauder to clear a Trig fleet from somewhere, mostly outside a station or citadel … I am risking not just my ship from the Trigs but also from opportunist gankers too for zero reward. As the previous poster mentioned, it is fun, true … but no reward for the risk. At least toss us a bone CCP. Without those that can clear the Trig fleets then the leeches have nothing to be scumbags over.

Fun is the greatest reward any game can offer.

It´s so sad that most game devs and also players can not see that anymore.


Ninja for the win… ja?

CONCORD should be cutting bounties on all ships by about 50%, don’t you read the economic reports?

If you want bounties, go to nullsec.
Trigs were ridiculously profitable in early days and still kind of are for the risk.
HTFU and overcome.

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Concord could do that if Concord stps to pay bountys in Null Sec …

its null sec … players control it … why does concord even cares about rats in null sec?


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