Thinking About Coming Back But

(Eso Es) #1

I’m on a new computer, so I’ve lost all of the extensive customizations I made to my Overview, which is a lot trust me. If I’m not mistaken, I’ve also lost all of my fittings as well.

Does anyone know of a way of retrieving either of these things, any chance they are saved somewhere server side?

(Tom Forager) #2

Unless you have access to your old computer, there is no way, nope. These settings are stored on the client-side. Log into the game and join the Z-S Overview channel, set that up, and customise it. Sometimes a fresh start is a good thing.

(ISD Stall) #3

Regarding overviews, I would rebuild it from scratch. If you have been away for about a year you will be missing objects from your overview. Then create a private chat channel, and put a link to your overview profile in the channel MOTD. This is an easy way to share your overview/s with your alts, and friends. It also allows you to use it if you change or lose this computer.