This forum is brutal

Was it in Prague, and was Czech beer involved?


a amarr noble defenestrated a pusillanimous minmatar trash
and there was much rejoicing"

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Just because they can doesn’t necessarily mean they should be forced to do so.

Aside from cases that the moderators deem worthy of moderation, let people post however they like and you can judge and block them based on that however you like.

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i dont know
defenestrar in Portuguese is to trow someting out the window
i dont know in english …
it was a quick post

'tis the same, to throw something or someone out of a window is to defenestrate them.

IIRC it’s a holdover from latin so it crosses over to the romance languages, the dastardly English language followed the elderly Latin language into a dark alley, beat it over the head and rifled through its dictionary for good words to steal.


But the informal use of the term is to remove someone from a position of power or authority, not necessarily to throw them out the window

“to suddenly remove (a person) from an important position or office:
The chief executive was defenestrated after a corruption investigation.”


also google-foo: de·fen·es·trate




throw (someone) out of a window.

“she had made up her mind that the woman had been defenestrated, although the official verdict had been suicide”


remove or dismiss (someone) from a position of power or authority.

“the overwhelming view is that he should be defenestrated before the next election”

in Portuguese its a old never used word
but im well educated AF
S3 me

I don’t want to judge nor block anyone. My original post wasn’t because I’m bothered by a particular member. I wanted to get a discussion going on how brutal you all are with each other and maybe get some of you to see that the other person isn’t the enemy but simply another player with a different opinion.


Are We?

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The problem is that you cannot really discuss or debate opinions. If you present “evidence” that somebody’s opinion is wrong, that person invariably becomes defensive and the tension escalates.

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Half the people who say stuff don’t even mean it, for example half of your thread is now people messing around. Don’t dwell on it, people are just enjoying themselves.

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In the words of CCP:


That hypothesis won’t really fly well on this forum fella.

Damn you dirty ganker! The graphs provided by ccp are fake! You stink!

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Ganking is the one true path in Eve. James 315 tells us so.

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In French: défenestré ----> window = fenêtre = throwing someone out of a window.
Portuguese is close to French.
I guess my French lessons weren’t vain, lol

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Praise James 315 savior of highsec eliminator of the bot-aspirants.

Also should mention anything anyone code related says can be assumed to be roleplay

But you will, if you spend enough time here.

Of course you may just forget about it, that this forum exists. CCP doesnt really make it very visible anyway.

I’m too nosy to block people i might miss something.

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