This Game is almost 20 years old and Still Not stable

Always stuck at “done processing bulk data” every time I Log-in

With the game being so mature, it’s not likely to be code that’s 17-18 years old that is causing the issue. Luckily for us, what EVE is now isn’t what it was nearly 2 decades ago, because it’s still actively being developed.

In any case, there seems to be a few people experiencing similar issues, but certainly not the whole community, so the best thing to do is raise a support ticket and include as much information about your system and setup as possible. If all of your drivers are up to date, then hopefully, through multiple service tickets, CCP will be able to work out what feature addition or recent change, is causing the problem.

It’s certainly not a widespread issue though, so is likely some edge case in terms of hardware/software combination that the changes aren’t dealing with well.

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The game is working fine for most users. Likely a conflict with something else on your machine. Turn on logging in the launcher (LogLite) and attach the log file to your ticket - give the support people something to work with. Simply saying “it’s broke” won’t lead to a solution!

Issue is behind the computer, not behind it :wink:

The game was written by Vikings. Who cares about such petty details?

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Welcome to Eve :slight_smile: please note user experience is varied and almost never what you expect it to be :laughing:

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