This is Abuse, and ccp has made eve pay to win. Players should be outraged and know about these issues

As you appear to be an unfortunate bystander in this… situation, I’d like to also direct your attention here:

I don’t generally vouch for people on teh forums, but when I do, it’s someone I’ve flown with.

Best of luck moving forward.





But yeah, it’s the PvP community that are hurting eve… :thinking:

Also, @Noori_Naarian you have really gone off the rails. Go talk to someone IRL and take a break from eve. Honestly, every time I’ve read something from you, you’ve sounded increasingly deranged.

We’ve had our arguments in here and our differences. We will never agree on game issues, since we see the game differently. I’m not saying this to offend you or something. I’m just saying, that maybe a small break would be good for your own health. Ones own health is more important than some space pixels after all.


I declare war on ccp

Such a drama-queen


As the defenders, CCP should make the war open to allies.


Disgusting carebearism distilled down to it’s base element.

The New Order officially endorses this product or service.


So this is eve’s crazy snowflake?


I havent bothered to play this game in a while but might come back just to help people blow up this noori dude


Give it a month or so and another will appear to challenge them for the title.


“He Deka” apparently is Naari as well.

He Deka > like i cant wait to show my 2003 power plays
He Deka > im also running for csm
He Deka > <url=>CSM, Naari Naarian</url>

Edit: Okay, apparently he’s not. See posts below.

He deka isnt naari, he was impersonating naari to the shitty merc group he hired and sent them burning over 100 jumps in bowheads

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How can you tell?

cause it was one of my corp members lmao

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Why would he do such a thing? :smiley:

Share your story, it’s gold! :smiley:

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  1. Nastasjjia > ?
  2. Nastasjjia > Dude… I asked several times where the citadel is… thats 38 jumps from jorus…
  3. He Deka > sorry
  4. He Deka > i play the 2003 game

Gold… :rofl:

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we wanted to do the initial RF as soon as possible and the wardec didnt go live on our main corp until the next day so we did it on alpha toons

the wardec with the merc groups were live though, so in order to avoid fighting them in our shitty alpha t1 comp he made them burn to random hisec systems 30 to 40 jumps apart to stall them while we did the rf.


Damn! That’s brilliant!

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Thanks a lot mate, I don’t think we lost many expensive ships since a bunch of us can’t fly them, but I’ll be bugging you for advise . :ok_hand:

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Closed due to ranting and whole lot of other rules violations.