This is annoying

This is the “Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy” in a 1.0 HiSec. A guy in an opposite (Minmat) FW in a Rattlesnake is sitting at undock under constant station security fire and popping coming Amarr militia. WTF??
I warped in a shuttle and got blown because I targeted him to check how his shields/armour doing, it wouldn’t cross one Explorer/Industrialist’s mind this could happen. Then I warped back in a pod and was looking at station security, wondering why… got killed by the same wheat with 600M Explo plugins in the head.
It’s now I know he was a Minmat militia, then — wouldn’t even cross my mind this kind of nonsense could happen. Just a red-coloured criminal…
This is my third go at the game and I’m taking it slowly, I don’t buy plex or isk, I earn it with time and effort. I want to be insured or protected to some degree if I see 0.6-1.0 numbers and next to my home station at the same time.

So I wrote the support, told them the story and asked them to do something about station guards firepower and reimburse me the cost of the lost implants two days ago. Silence… no answer. The support request is too heavy for their heads it seems.
I’ll wait a bit, then you might find out the answer to the question of what’s one of the reasons why people leave the game.

Here’s the video.


Just use an insta docking bookmark for warping to the station and insta undock bookmark to get out of the station. That way you don’t have to approach the station to be actually able to dock, and you won’t be tackled when you undock and align to another gate.


U don’t listen. I stayed undocked despite I have all these bookmarks for my haulers. This individual is online right now, doing the same thing… how do you play safe in a safe space if the “safe” space is messed up? I wand CCP to do smth about it so people like me — not willing to be engaged in PVP — also could play.
Or otherwise, just let them tell me right in my face that this game is just either poorly designed or not designed for people like me and all clear, I’ll just ask for a real refund and go.

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Why did you enroll in Faction Warfare if you don’t want to PvP?


The only “safe space” in New Eden is on the test server.

Leave FW - problem solved.


There is no “safe space” in EVE.

CCP will do nothing about it and thats absolutely fine. If you are not willing to engage in PvP learn to avoid it effectively or play on the Test-Server.

This game is poorly designed at some fronts, like most games out there, but that is not relevant for your case. You completely misunderstand your sitation and that is not CCPs fault. You also won’t get a penny or cent in reimbursements whatsoever. Get used to it.


My very first thought. The OP actively choose to be at war with Minmatar players by joining FW, but complains about losing things in a dumb way to said war.

OP: If you opt-in for highsec PvP, you can’t complain about not being safe … lol.


:rofl: no wonder support isn’t responding.

High sec is simply „space with more laws“. Laws are available to be broken by anybody in any space. When you joined FW you signed away some of the law applying to you. You’re facing the consequences of your own actions. :brain:

Quit whining.


So you joined a corp that is part of the Amarr Militia and now you are complaining because somebody from the opposing faction killed you?

You have a couple of options:

  • Join a different corp that is not actively engaged in faction warfare
  • Use insta dock/undock bookmarks as mentioned by @Dyver_Phycad (which you promptly ignored)
  • Use a neutral alt for travelling to major trade hubs

Things that wont help you:

  • Repeating the same process and expecting a different outcome
  • Asking CCP for divine intervention
  • Complaining on the forums

Some people leave when their unreasonable expectations are shattered?

Why would you expect to be safe when you linger in space right next to a hostile player who is part of an opposing faction in a war you chose to enroll in?

You’re at war, act like it.

Or leave the war.


There’s a difference between pvp, fw pvp and being killed at the major friendly fw station because of the poor game mechanics.

I enlisted so I can learn to pvp with less experienced players.

I wouldn’t expect any different.
My case? Some dude brakes the logic and abuses poor design and you’re saying I misunderstood my situation?

This dum sh*t never happen to me ever before. I lost things I earned with effort and time to stupid rules of the game not willing to create a broad environment and focuses on “what’s trending”.

I don’t see the issue. You encountered an enemy combatant at the station, and instead of docking or warping away, you sat there and stared at them. I saw that battleship, and it’s fit for maximum tank, which means it would take it like 25 seconds to lock your shuttle/pod.


Well, you learned from that situation.

Unfortunately, your knee jerk reaction was to cry to CCP rather than asking yourself; “how did he do that?”, “how do I stop him from doing it to others?” and “how do I return the favour at Hek VIII - Moon 12 - Boundless Creation Factory?”

If you want to learn FW PVP roll up a new alpha character.


If this is the mentality you carry with you, you’re not going to get better at the game. You’re setting yourself up for endless frustration. No one started the game on day 1 knowing all the mechanics.

This is good advice :point_down:


There’s a lot about the game that’s „how was I supposed to know about that“ because that is just the kind of game Eve is. Take precautions while you learn, don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose, and actually take the learning opportunity when it comes.

Let me tell you something you already know. New Eden isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and — I don’t care how tough you are — it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, nobody is going to hit as hard as New Eden. But it isn’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how much you can take and keep moving forward. That is how winning is done. Now if you know your worth go out and get what you’re worth. But you have to be willing to take the hits.

Not pointing fingers saying „I’m not where I want to be because of him, or her, or anyone“. Cowards do that. Are you better than that?

With apologies to Rocky.


See this is what I’ve been talking about.

FW has been taken over by whining entitled carebears.

I’ve seen so much of this nonsense in the low sec plexes. These people farming it and get all salty and cry when you blow them up. Spewing nonsense like “leave me alone. I’m trying to earn LP.” And “go to null sec, where the real pvpers live” (jokes on them, null is just high sec 2.0 full of crying whining crabbers).

And now the OP is crying because an individual in an opposing FW popped his ass at a station and he’s blaming “poor mechanics?”

Get real man. The mechanic is fine. If you don’t like what rattlesnake guy is doing, grow a pair, strap some guns on a ship and confront him. You’re in a war. Stop crying and whining and expecting daddy CCP to coddle you.

Or, leave FW because you’re the problem.


Hello @Tokamaru
It may make you feel better to let you know I have seen this happen from the other side as a Minmatar FW pilot undocking in my rusty-trusty breacher to find an Amarian Praxis sitting at the station trying to lock and pop everything it can. It happens. The important thing is to learn from this and move on.

Ask yourself, what did you learn from this event?


He is stuck in his tantrum and doesn’t want anyone to take it away from him by saying reasonable things that make him see that in reality it is his fault.

Is the kind of lazy person who would rather cry than learn how to solve his own problems.