This isn't the cancer, it's the symptom

I know you’re all big mad at CCP right now for introducing this… thing… into the game. I am too. But I don’t think we’re seeing the bigger picture here. This isn’t CCP’s idea.

There’s an overarching goal that is being worked towards, and CCP aren’t the ones who’re plotting the direction. Facebook is trying to push this “Metaverse” thing as a new way for people to engage with eachother. A live service, always online, with NFTs you earn in a Play 2 Earn scheme that no doubt comes with copious advertisement and opportunities to spend irl money/crypto.

The BBC, owners of Dr. Who, are likewise going in this direction with a card game they’re developing in the Dr. Who universe that will include NFTs. The fans of Dr. Who were not please with this, but they were soundly ignored (

Well, it so happens that Pearl Abyss, who now own CCP and Eve, have decided this is the direction they wish to go in. (Upcoming New Class? NFT? Metaverse? Info & Analysis from Pearl Abyss Q3 2021 Presentation Sun WuKong - YouTube) Their plans are to embrace and push NFTs and the Metaverse, as they see it as the next evolution of the market, and naturally they want to get their IPs into this as well.

The beginning of this in Eve was the Alliance Tournament, but that won’t be the last by far. NFTs and the Play 2 Earn is going to definitely be pushed going forwards, and I think this Dr. Who event is going to be another step on the blockchain. It’s not about trying to prop up a failing show or link two universes together, it’s about pushing the industry in a direction and Eve is simply a casualty.

That video I linked has a lot of information in it, and I’m just not smart enough to really dissect it and break it down, but you’re more than welcome to do so.


I’d rather die in gacha hell.


is the symptom stupidity?


And now we’ve entered deep into tinfoil land. Excellent.

There is a much more simple explanation.

Capitalism and C.R.E.A.M. :smiley:


What’s wrong with NFTs?

NFT killmails would be profitable!


You’re on to something.

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Well, we are definitely in tin-foil hat territory, but it’s also not the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. And it is consistent with what we’ve been seeing other people within the game industry say and do.

I’m not sure what the future holds for Eve, but I don’t think this P2E ■■■■ is going away. The gaming industry will pursue it as long as there’s money to be made, and there are a ton of people out there willing to throw money at ■■■■ games with anti-consumer monetization methods.

There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark. Fortunately, there are still studios and indie devs who are passionate about games, and who still have artistic integrity. So, all is not lost. Sure hope this ■■■■ doesn’t come to Eve though.




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I watched Linus Tech Tips’ video about P2E, and he mentioned how some server side stuff might be able to be offloaded to the block chain. Now, I know next to nothing about all this stuff, but it is my understanding that devs program a lot of stuff to be handled server side in order to prevent cheating. However, the blockchain has a built in protection in that different clients validate each other’s work. Thus, if someone does try to cheat, the system should be able to detect the discrepancy. So, could this be key to infinitely scaling battles in Eve online? I dunno.

@Steve_Ronuken I know you don’t like crypto and NFT’s (I don’t like NFT’s either), but you always respond when I at you. So, I’m going to keep @'ing you :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, what you do you think? Could block chain type tech (minus all the crypto and NFT BS) be the key to even bigger battles in Eve?

@CCP_Tuxford Hey, are you the right guy to bug about this? Same question -could the block chain be the key to bigger battles?


I support @Squizz_Caphinator realizing untold wealth in every way possible. No one deserves it more.

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Yes. Gamers themselves are leading gamers into this place. We are doing it to ourselves.


I don’t think it’s likely blockchain will do much for Eve. Blockchain is a system for verification that functions by forcing computers to do work and display proof of work. When conflicting blockchains exist, the blockchain with proof of having the most work put into verification is the block that is trusted. Blockchain is difficult to circumvent because, in order to do so, the would be compromiser would theoretically have to do more work than the legitimate computers are doing to pass off a forgery and that’s a pretty high bar to clear in a distributed worldwide system, but forcing Eve servers to do any more work than they already are wouldn’t be a good thing, and performing the work to validate a block on the block chain anywhere is definitely far from real time and would probably make the worst TiDi look good in comparison.

I did not watch Linus’ video. I don’t have time before work to check that out, but I do have a basic grasp of how blockchain is supposed to work because of curiosity. Unless the video contains something radically new, though, I don’t see how the tech could apply to Eve’s large scale battles. Apologies if I’ve missed the point due to lack of available time.


So then how is it tinfoil?


I just understood what NFT is and I just realized how stupid CCP is for shooting at their own foot with all the stupid themed park stuff when to NFT need all the contrary.

It’s like a recursive paradoxical joke that never ends.

Instead of:

  • Meaningful PI and exclusive planets;
  • Exclusive pvp rules and hardcore mechanics;
  • Hardline policy against cheaters and botting;

We have:

  • Exploits everywhere;
  • 200 alts, sometimes alts that can blop your shyt;
  • Semi brainless prodution / industry;
  • Blue donut mechanics;

Enlight me WHO IN THE F IS GONNA BUY ANY NFT? Or a better question is what in the heck is gonna be a NFT?

And of course the icying on the cake, forced terraforming of the space, reduced routing options and super NPCs, because that’s how I want to spent my money!!!

Am I missing something, or only the bottom of the barrel and totally innocent people will buy any NFT?

It’s almost like I want it to happen, because the lulz factor is gonna be LEGENDARY!!!

Just WOW! I’m anxious for the next steps.

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The problem is that EVE IP is well known as hot garbage, CCP have an omnishit reputation of rereleasing “last chance”, “one time only”, “limited” IP. I could not think of a single worse developer to get into NFT or Cyrpto, they have zero clout or credibility.

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they used to have to make crappy games to get your money.

now they can just sell you digital licenses to computer generated pictures.

In the matrix, the machines harvested raw electrical power from people’s bodies.
In the real world, the machines harvest your time and labor, by selling you junk NFTs.

You work hard all day, and then you give that money to Dr Who in exchange for an image that a computer made. An absolute waste of money with zero value.


He told me to post that picture, I swear :flushed: