Why Eve will never Fulfill its potential

Yes there is a lot of text please just read .I started playing eve with a bunch of m8’s in 2003,
and CCP promised a living breathing universe, that was controlled and guided by players with
certain aspects controlled by ccp to keep the balance and a echo of real life.

It took a while and the first few years were a bit shaky,
but there was a glimmer of a seed that could grow into a game
that would surpass every multiplayer game that had ever existed.

In eve it was hard work but they had a system of law that controlled empire ,
where the players that just wanted to trade and mission run worked fine,
Eve was lacking a few fundamentals like ,
the promise of players meeting in stations and having a beer , chatting ,
and gambling there hard earned isk, or ships on games of chance, Just like the real world.

And as time went by, over a decade, these options became available by 3rd partys.
And these partys fleshed out the eve universe , that CCP had abandoned or just lost hope in.
But due to corruption and rl money laundering these sites were shut down, without any sort of CCP intervention to fill in the gap that they had left.

And thats it, CCP had a game that has a potential to become the greatest game ever, Yet two thirds of there player base is gone now due to there lack of foresight and there lying about there original game idea,
eve is now a care bear paradise , there is no longer a reason to work hard or play hard as its all on a plate for the snowflake generation,
if you have Real life money you can just buy it all , you will lack the skill to use it, and you will lose it, but thanks to CCP just buy it and start again .

Eve has become a game that is pointless. Such a wasted opportunity of a awesome game ,
As it is you can just use a bot and ccp somehow ignores these things.
RL trading is rife and ccp seem to not know of a site called EBAY very strange Eh ?
EVE a game that lost its way, due to the lack of insight of CCP. and listening to the bitchers, CCP you sacrificed a game that would have been awesome.
And a addendum the whole idea of Freighters being destroyed by 6 ships in the middle of empire (0.5) is stupid, is like saying 5 vespas, (a 125 cc moped ) killing a 300 thousand dollar truck on the main highway while the police cant find first gear.
Stupid mechanic that is aimed to satisfy the wanna be pirates that are on alphas.
Decisions like this are killing the eve universe. and no i have never lost a freighter , I just see the mechanic is so wrong.

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Whiny bittervets and entitled fukwits.

'nuff said.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Paragraphs are everyone’s friend.


Dude have the balls to post with your main not your alt please.


Why would I do that? No one would know who I am.

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Tldr for anyone who can’t be bothered to read the wall of text.

Bittervet tears with a suspicious focus on HS. Complaining about plex being PTW. Freighters too easy to gank, but supposedly has never lost one.


Why would a vet worry about high xD

Paragraphs. Use them…


Er, so first you say it’s bad because EVE went to the carebears, and then you say it’s bad that freighters can be ganked in high sec…

Oh well, your post makes it obvious that not a lot of thought went into it… just another “I’m mad cuz I got blowed up” post from someone who thought walking in stations was actually a significant goal for a space combat game.


Yep Bjorn i can see you killed over 130 ships so i dont want to step on you awesome kill rate, you put me to shame. As sheldon says this is sarcasm lol;. Only snowflakes speak like this lol.

Dude this is not a "i got blowed up post " or a carebear post, I think they all have there place, this is a i am worried about the way eve is heading. its becoming more a pay for a ship, kill a easy target rinse and repeat.

“Yes there is a lot of text.”

Nobody minds a lot of text, dude. But you ever hear of the Enter key?


as that op is

use the enter key mate.


this lol, I love the internet because what you lack there is always somebody to help. ty :slight_smile:

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Dang CCP needs to get a spell/grammar check on this thing.

And dont worry about those third party gambling apps. They didnt make Eve. Eve made Eve Eve.

.5 sec is the edge of highsec empire space.

Edit was adding highsec.

lol - thanks for that visual, it’s great!

Your post would benefit from some paragraph breaks.

Can’t say you’re completely wrong, you make some valid points.
I think if EvE hadn’t been such a great thing at core it wouldn’t have lasted even this long. Many mistakes have been made, certainly. I hold out hope still…

I’ll stick around for awhile at least. If you’re leaving I’d gratefully accept anything you might want to leave me.

GL in any case o7




Sure, the guy needs to learn to write paragraphs - an affliction not uncommon among today’s millennials. But he makes a few good points, if you can get past the eye bleed.

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The controversy regarding the potential for online video games to instill gambling habits in children is such that CCP would be best advised to give this idea a complete body swerve.

Current focus is on “loot boxes”, but the principle remains the same. Lots of gaming and regular journalistic articles to choose from: