This little Gem of a Char needs a price check before sale please

Im looking for a price check on [this little gem. pw klexos

  • Great Character Name: Elfgirl with 230m Total SP
  • Maxed out on TONS of skills. Perfect JF and flies all Supers with excellent drone skills
  • 5m skill points spare to allocate.
  • Plenty of clones and implants.

So many little treasures with this one. Im looking to part with her but have yet to worked out a price. I would love your input and thoughts on her value.

Counting implants, and not sure on SKINS, I would say 170-190 bil

Thank you for that feedback.

She currently has 7 of max 10 jump clones. Four have +4’s in them of which two have the Mining Foreman II implants and one has a 4% bean implant. The others have a few +something implants in them.

She has 151 skins of which are quite nice including the bloody hands for the Lif.

SKINS and implants are included in price, so you can get a rough figure of what your SKINS were worth, and use evepraisal to get the ongoing price of all your implants to help settle on a price to sell.

all your implants including your active clone. (bored waiting on a grub hub order to come in)

thats great advice but i dont think their individual value will add or subtract much noticable value.

Daily bump. Still looking for a few more ideas or thoughts on her value.

Would still love some more input. Daily bump

Anyone else want to chime in a value ?

probably 130-150. if you’re patient maybe 170.

the problem with these toons is theres not a lot of buyers other than extractors. usually WTB cones by to make an offer. @WTB_All_Characters

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Elfgirl extraction is 135, but any character over 200mil SP can get more if they are willing to wait for the offer. But I can do 135!

Thank you for your input. I appreciate it. I am aware that there are mostly only extractors buying these days which is why i will set the price a little above their profit margin. I would prefer if someone bought her and used her for what she is worth rather than just extract skills.

Thanks for your input.

Thank you for your offer but i dont want her extracted personally. I will definately take my time to sell her to someone who will use her as a character.

Not sure if you regularly check your eve-mail, but I sent you a short in-game message.

I’m planning to make her my Carrier pilot. and I also sent you a message ingame.


Im afraid your offer is a little too low

This topic is closed. I have found a buyer and will make a private sale.

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