This way the raffles will go through alot quicker, and the isk aint getting stuck

We need to decide value brackets on Hypernet.

There is to much instability atm, stuff dont get sold, and your bids dont get through, and items and money are stuck.

here is my idea that we need to adress everyone.

We will hplay on several brackets… depending on value.
Depending on what isk value you ONLY bid on the following.

“200mil or whatever they are around” raffles Ravens
“600mil or whatever they are around” raffles Navy ravens
“1.8bil or whatever they are around” raffles Golems
“7 bil or whatever they are around” raffles Marshals
“12bil or whatever they are around” raffles Anshar
“70bil or whatever they are around” raffles All Titans

The items here are not set ofc, but you get my idea.
This way the raffles will go through alot quicker, and everyone is happy.


People can buy whatever raffle they feel like.

as Always, yes, but that wont help the issue many have. and this shows that you didnt even understand the issue im trying to solve., but your also knows for just trolling

You’re trying to trick people into running a certain set of raffles so that you, yourself, can profit off the margins. Nice try, scammer.

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idiot… personally i got about 40 bil isk atm stuck in raffles that never will be done… so i when they get sent back to me, i will once again have to try and bid on something that will come through, but there is no way of knowing. This hesatates me from bidding ( as will other) and raffles will continue to be more a gamble on , will my isk be stuck for 3 Days now, rather than will i win a raffle).

3 days is fine…if it’s too long for you then don’t gamble…

It seems like I’m not the idiot here, lmao.

Again, this seems like a you problem.


yes of its a me problem. How else would i know about it., But im pretty sure there is more than me who would like a quicker way


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Now i know why they have the double confirmation button in hypernet relay…

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No one is forced to…period…



That’s not an actual issue.
Why do you believe that’s an issue?

Things don’t get sold.
It happens.

The real issue here is your atrocious posting!

No they needs to change the expeir result.
Insted of the Raffles just cancels out, they should run based on the sold tickets.

That would do a few things.

  1. You Will as creator have to consider the risk Vs rewards for tickets amount and price. Since you risk to lose the item for less of its value if not enough tickets gets sold.

  2. The buyer og tickets now have another gamble aspect buy a tickets on a bigger raffel at a Perhaps more ekspensive pricetag. But get a higher odds since All tickets may not be sold.

3 All raffels ends with a Winner and none og this return ISK an item nonsens.

yea, and i would never sell anything…. you lose to much versus reward… with a market that supports atm over 30 Jumpfreighters…. why would i sell a jumpfreighter if i risk of not even being seen of more that 1 person. and he buy 1 slot…

Yes this will make less raffles, If any

Works as intended.

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It’s never enough, carebears always want more.

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Any games of chance, which require players to buy tickets to enter, are breaching EULA.

You may not use, transfer or assign any game assets for games of chance operated by third parties.
Source: EULA