Those moments


When you go shopping without scouting and jump with your new and shiny VNI armor build into a pack of wolves, jump from bubble to bubble and still survive, only on luck

those moments when it’s already too late but you think one more… one more agitated abysal site with the new and shiny vexor

drones and those dronekilling towers don’t fit, still you survive the second pocket without armor on the drones… next pocket you will have the time to repair them

those moment when you’ve another tower trying to kill your drones and enemies surrounded by structures next to the “Resident evil” wall

those moment when you still manage to destroy the heavy ship and to destroy the 6 drones and only loose some light drones

those moments when the timer is on ~12sec and you click on the gate to activate it and eject with your capsule and die

those moments in eve

damn you eve, I need some rest



True story , eve has a load of dicy moments like that. one of the best moments i ever exprinced in eve is winning a solo fight with only 4% hull

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And that is why abysmal thingys are so spensive.

That moment when you are on Jita 4-4 grid, someone just sploded next to the station gate, open the wreck and see a few hundred mil loot, click loot all and despite dozens of people around you doing the same you are the first to grab it and dock up right away.

Or when two people fight outside the docking ring on the same grid as the previous example, you follow them around, one splodes and produces a more than a bil worth of wreck, you initiate warp to a safe bookmark, you are prelocked by dozens of long range gankers camping all over the place, just before you reach warp-to speed you click loot all, and a moment later instead of being shot into pieces by the gankers and their sniper fit tornadoes and whatnot you enter warp safely then ping back to an insta-dock bookmark and dock up with ease.

Yup EVE has its moments whatever you do. :slight_smile:


When you damage a nerv in one hand, have still three fingers functional and it’s not your mouse hand. :oldtimeyparrot:


Harsh one :frowning:

That moment when you’re solo roaming lowsec, jump into a highsec pocket without looking and then shoot the first ship you see. Accidental Concordekken…


That moment you’re advance tackle for a roaming gang, jump into lowsec from nullsec and tackle something on the gate.

“Wait, why are their gate gu… oh. FC, -1 tackle cepter…”


Eve has wolves?

Sure. And Jaguars, Eagles, Jackdaws, Porpoises … Eve is a ■■■■■■■ Zoo.


I’d be more inclined to call Eve a free-range farm.

Zoos, all the aggressive animals are in cages. Here we are encouraged to cry “Havoc!” and let slip the dogs (or jackdaws) of war.

That moment when you go to kill a Procurer in your mission fit Naga and you happen to fly over one of his bookmarks…

Me in a Cane, a long time ago. I jump into a system, see a covetor on Dscan and warp to its belt. I rush to get in range but the idiot doesn’t react at all, he’s just sitting there. Yet another afk mining clown in low sec, wth is up with these people… I laugh while opening fire… and get concordokened.


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